Yet, there is no website/digital platform addressing all this. All aspects of expat life including travel and leisure, reference and how-to, tech talent attraction/retention and hard news about the startup scenes. There are also no Pan-European expat-focused websites connecting Europe’s major tech and business capitals.

With Dispatches, we’re creating an integrated platform – Internet, mobile, video and social media – aimed at English-speaking expatriates.

Our research indicates there are at least 2 million English-speaking expats in Europe. There are 231,000 expats in Germany, for example, whose native language is English, including people from the U.S., U.K., Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.

To succeed, we know we have to wrap around the core digital media business a number of related efforts that compliment our effort to reach expats including a talent retention/talent attraction piece and a travel service taking entrepreneurs to innovation centers and introducing them to techpat talent and to investors.

We have few illusions about how ambitious this is. We spent eight years living in Turkey and Germany when I was a reporter for European Stars & Stripes. So we’ve seen the expat lifestyle from the inside, and know how overwhelming, frustrating and ultimately rewarding and stimulating it can be.

If we learned anything from all those years overseas, it’s this:

Dispatches won’t succeed unless we create an international lifestyle brand, a digital brand that captures and distills all that’s magical about being an expatriate.