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Renting in Eindhoven: The best neighborhoods, towns and villages

Maarheeze detached home. Eindhoven best neighborhoods.
This detached home in Maarheeze boasts five bedrooms, double garage and wonderful back garden.

Eindhoven is hot! The expat capital in the south of the Netherlands expects 30,000 new expats to move to the city within the next five years. All of them will be hunting for the perfect apartment or house in the best neighborhoods.

Lichttoren Building. Eindhoven best neighborhoods.

The Lichttoren building, former home of Philips, in the Eindhoven city center.

Where to start?

Eindhoven has many different rentals available, from modern apartments right in the city center to detached houses just outside of the city in one of the neighboring towns.

When looking at neighborhoods and towns close to Eindhoven, keep in mind that everything is very compact in the Netherlands. If you look at Leende, for example, it may seem far removed from Eindhoven but is actually only a 15-minute drive to the city center.

Each of these neighborhoods or towns has its own grocery stores including Albert Heijn, Plus and Aldi, boutiques, banks, hair salons, hardware stores and other amenities. All have train stops or bus stops either in the neighborhood or close by.

Lichttoren apartment in the center of Eindhoven. Eindhoven best neighborhoods.

Interior of an exclusive loft apartment available in the de Lichttoren.

Apartments in Eindhoven’s city center
All stores, restaurants and bars are just around the corner, and the train station is within walking distance. Living in the heart of Eindhoven’s city center is great if you enjoy the liveliness of a city.

Check out one of the cool apartments such as the ones in the Lichttoren.

This former Philips factory is a national monument and Eindhoven’s most well-known building. Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende  currently has a beautiful loft apartment in de Lichttoren listed. The apartment is located on the fifth floor and enjoys a panoramic view over Eindhoven’s city center.


Living in the center of Eindhoven, however, comes at a price, so you may want to look beyond the city as well.

Veldhoven is located just west of Eindhoven. It is a small of town of 44,000 people that has all the facilities you need, including affordable apartments.

Abdijtuinen apartment in Veldhoven. Eindhoven best neighborhoods.

Kitchen in the Abdijtuinen apartment complex in Veldhoven.

The great thing about living here is that you are very close to the High Tech Campus, which makes it a perfect town for expats who work at one of the companies located at the campus but who still want to be close to the city center. The Eindhoven Airport is also close by and offers discount flights to many European destinations.

Veldhoven is home to ASML, the world’s largest supplier of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry and one of Eindhoven’s largest employers.

ASML occupies the tallest building in Veldhoven now, but the company started in a wooden shed next to the Philips building.

Waalre is another town that benefits from a very convenient location. Just south of Eindhoven, you are close to the city, the High Tech Campus and the International School of Eindhoven.

According to Wikipedia, Waalre is considered one of the wealthiest villages in the Netherlands as many millionaires live there. It is called the “Green Fountain” for its civic policy to provide diverse trees on the streets of the town.

Interested in moving to Waalre? Check out this fantastic rental listed with Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende. The four story, five-bedroom villa looks like an absolute dream house!

Waalre villa, Eindhoven best neighborhoods.

This architect-designed villa is available to rent in Waalre and boasts nearly 600 square meters.

Just north of Eindhoven you will find Best, a town of just under 30,000 people. Best is close to Eindhoven Airport and is well connected to Eindhoven as well as the other major cities in Noord-Brabant like historic ‘s-Hertogenbosch, home of Hieronymus Bosch, and the university town of Tilburg.

Fun fact: According to Wikipedia, excavations date Best to the Roman era. And the Armenhof, which means “Poor People Farm,” is a farm designated as a national monument. It is the oldest farm still in use in northwest Europe, and parts of the barn date to 1263. The proceeds of the farm were used to aid the poor.

Best has quite a few million-dollar homes, but there are more affordable options as well.

Dutch farmhouse in Leenderstrijp, Eindhoven best neighborhoods.

This is an exceptional but typical Dutch farmhouse in the village of Leenderstrijp. It is a new build with four bedrooms, luxurious baths and a view of the Leenderbos.

Leende & Leenderstrijp
Imagine this: more space for your money, a detached house, a green backyard and a location still only 15 minutes away from Eindhoven. Where can you find all of this? In Leende and Leenderstrijp!

These small towns are especially good for families as you will find some larger detached houses here that are hard to find in Eindhoven’s city center. This gorgeous 4-bedroom detached NEW house is a good example; it is yours for €2500 a month.

Leenderstrijp is a delightful, storybook hamlet with several horse farms and houses on the national monuments list. Surrounding it is the Leenderbos, a 1600-hectare nature preserve with bike trails, horse trails and walking paths.

And neighboring village, Heeze, even has its own castle!

Horse farm in Leenderstrijp, Eindhoven best neighborhoods.

There are several horse farms in Leenderstrijp, including this farm for retired horses.

There are several campgrounds in Leenderstrijp and many vacation homes, a real Dutch retreat.

Eindhoven has a wide variety of rental options, including apartments in the city center and single-family homes from which to choose. The neighborhoods, towns and villages surrounding Eindhoven have their own personalities and amenities to satisfy those wanting modern amenities or those who would like more space in a small village, complete with manicured farms and homes.

The Eindhoven region has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an exciting urban lifestyle or a quieter retreat with easy access to the city center.

Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende is a real estate agency based in Leende, Netherlands with a diverse portfolio of homes for rent. Gerrie Royackers is the “expat expert” and works closely with expats in the Eindhoven region to place them in their perfect home. She is a matchmaker, making certain expats find the perfect home in an ideal neighborhood suited just for them. Gerrie helps make the move to the Netherlands as easy as possible. Email: [email protected]. Phone: +31 6 22 23 08 96.

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