Europe-wide expansion: Oracle recruiting cloud sales professionals in Dublin, Prague, Amsterdam

(Editor’s note: This post was updated at 1:30 p.m. on 10 February with comment from Oracle.)

Oracle Corp. has just launched a recruitment drive to add 1,400 cloud sales professionals across the Europe/ Middle East/Asia region.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based software giant plans to increase its range of cloud computing services globally, according to a news release. In the release, company executives say the cloud sales positions will be based in Amsterdam, Cairo, Dubai, Dublin, Malaga and Prague, with the EMEA region servicing 80 countries. Oracle is opening two new cloud sales centers – one in Amsterdam, one in Cairo – and new offices in Dubai, Dublin and Prague. The expansion includes 440 new jobs in Dublin and 400 in Amsterdam, according to media reports. Oracle executives have stated they’ll will ramp up investments in new sales centers in Amsterdam and Cairo and open new offices this year in Dubai, Dublin and Prague.

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So, Europe clearly will provide the bulk of the talent. The recruitment campaign states Oracle is looking for people “with a range of experience from across the EMEA region, from highly motivated sales professionals with two to three years’ experience to highly experienced senior sales professionals.” Translated: We need people who know the European business culture, speak English and the local languages and have significant sales/tech experience.”

That is the case, said Anca Pintillie, Recruitment Branding Lead for EMEA and APAC regions. “These roles are language driven and therefore we are primarily hiring native speakers to fill the roles,” Pintillie said. “We will relocate native speakers home or to a center depending on their location and language skills.”

So, how big a deal is this? Big enough the company has created a sophisticated dedicated web pitch that’s pretty darn complete. Which got us thinking, “So, what else does Oracle have going on our Dispatches readers might be interested in?”

Here’s what we know now:

Oracle pays really, really well. We went to, and the jobs website states the typical Oracle sales rep salary in the U.S. is $80,414, which is 44 percent above the national average. Sales Representative salaries at Oracle can range from $43,688 – $124,241, based upon 46 Oracle Sales Representative salary reports provided by employees. Of course, pay in Europe is different. We found a chart for Amsterdam on the that cites 6,100 respondents. Median salaries in Amsterdam run from about 55,000 euros for a marketing manager to about 40,000 euros for a front end developer.

In the statement, Oracle said the recruitment drive follows a multi-billion-dollar investment in its cloud computing activities. It also claimed to have signed up 1,500 new software-as-a-service and 2,100 platform-as-a-service customers in the last six months. (Oracle is one of several U.S.-based tech companies including Facebook expanding operations in Europe in the hope of reassuring customers data will both be safe from U.S. authorities and be stored in ways that conform with new European Union requirements.)

Loic Le Guisquet, president of Oracle, told ComputerWorld he wants “socially savvy, switched on individuals who can help customers respond to the digital imperative and make their businesses future-proof. We’re looking for people who want to be relevant to the biggest trends shaping business and technology. Anybody looking to make a real impact with their career in technology should come and join Oracle.”

We went to the cloud sales professional recruitment website, and here are few take-aways:

• Oracle cloud services centers are populated by “multicultural group of smart, knowledgeable, and wildly ambitious Inside Sales Professionals (who) collaborate with a unique synergy that fosters growth and success. We travel to meet our customers, but not intensively – it is planned around our schedules!”

• Product categories include Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Talent acquisition and retention), Enterprise Resource Planning (back office) and Customer Experience Cloud.

So, what other jobs does the company have open in Europe?

In a quick search of the Oracle recruiting site, we came up with dozens of jobs openings listed in the past few days in Romania, Finland, Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy and Germany. Positions included account managers, systems administrators, information architect – big data and “cloud customer success specialist,” whatever that is. Right now, it’s good to be an IT person, or a salesperson or administrator with serious tech skills.

About Oracle:

With more than 420,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100— and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145 countries, Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated stack
of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems. As of May, 2015, Oracle had 132,000 employees in total worldwide.


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