New on Passport: Tesla planning Athens R&D hub; has 1,000 openings in Europe

If you’re a highly skilled international, there has never been a better time to be looking for a great gig in Europe. Countries are updating their visa rules. More big American tech companies such as Tesla are expanding here.

And above all, just about every company is on the hunt for talent.

HSBC just released their annual Expat Explorer survey of the best cities for expats to find a job, and no surprise – 10 of the 27 cities on the list are in Europe (if you include Moscow as being in Europe.)

And the demand for talent is accelerating literally every day.

One of the bigger scoops of the past few days is news that Tesla is opening a hub in Athens, Greece. Tesla Greece officially registered this week, with Elon Musk’s company expected to recruit up to 50 R&D staff.

At this point, it’s not clear exactly what Tesla plans in Greece. But the Electrex industry website quotes Tesla officials saying it will be recruiting engineers to develop new electric motor technologies.

“Tesla is building a small research and development office in Athens, which will be comprised of a highly-qualified engineering team. This team will focus solely on limited research and development activities to accelerate electric motor technology development through close collaboration with our team in the US.”

Right now across Europe, Tesla has about 1,000 open positions. That’s right – one thousand!

You can see them all here.

The majority are in Germany and the Netherlands.

Many are at Tesla Grohmann Automation in Prüm, Germany, the new production center near Munich. That plant is actually making and testing the equipment that will be used at Tesla’s factory in Freemont, Calif.

As you’ve probably read, Tesla is having a very, very difficult time keeping up with the demand for their cars after launching the Model 3, which is supposed to be a mass-production model. (Tesla is also launching cars into space, but that’s a whole different story.)

Handelsblatt has a detailed look at at the Prüm facility and how difficult working at Tesla can be. (The post is in German. The English version via Google is wonky.)

One of the many, many questions we have about Tesla in Europe is, “Whatever happened to Gigafactory 2?” This was the gigafactory slated for Europe that would not only build batteries, but cars, as well. The location was supposed to be announced last year.

Two months into 2018, crickets.

Let’s see what else we have for this week:

• ASML starts hunt for talent with student career days

Among ultra-high-tech companies, there is none quite like ASML, which is based in Dispatches’ headquarters town of Eindhoven.

ASML makes the machines that make computer chips. They manufacture 50 million euro-plus machines, and ASML has an 80 share of the photolithography market, an integral part of the semiconductor industry.

A place where anyone would want to work, right? Alas, every tech company in the world is fighting the War for Talent.

So, ASML is looking for an edge, conducting its student career excursions on its Eindhoven campus for promising students.

The program consists of a number of short presentations at the ASML Experience Center, a campus tour, a case study and informal drinks. Tours start at 0945 and finish about 1715.

Scheduled excursions for 2018 are:

Thursday, 8 March: Computer Science: register here before 1 March.

Thursday, 22 March: Physics : register here before 15 March.

Thursday, 17 May: Mechanical Engineering: register here before 10 May.

• Luxoft needs developers/designers across Europe

Executives at one of the companies we’ve written about lately pinged us saying they’re looking for a number of skills around the world. Swiss-based Luxoft is working with auto companies to reinvent the car and needs talent at its operations across Europe from London to Bucharest.

Right now, Luxoft is building their Berlin operations.

From our contact:

In Berlin specifically, our new research and development centre is still looking for people to drive this change. C++ Developers, System Architects, Project Managers and UI/UX Designers, can join the Berlin office now. It’s a real opportunity to work with innovative projects in the automotive industry, specifically combining the latest technologies and Agile methodology.
Here at Luxoft, we’re building a software houses to transform European centres like Berlin into
automotive software hubs. We want to create innovative spaces that embraces the latest trends in
technology and apply it to carmakers and tier one suppliers.

Luxoft is one of the larger independent IT service providers. In the automotive sector, they provide software-based solutions to leading OEMs and suppliers including UX design, human-machine interface (HMI), advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving, connectivity.

You can apply here for those Berlin positions.

Current listings at Luxoft Europe include:

• Multiple Java developer in Bucharest Romania.

• Multiple openings for developers in Eindhoven and Amsterdam

• Senior engineers and developers in Sofia

• Twitch says ‘game on’ in Europe

Yes, Twitch is just a division of Seattle-based Amazon. But working at Twitch is the dream of hardcore game developers everywhere. Now, that dream is increasingly within reach as the live video broadcasting platform/gamer community expands in Europe.

Digiday UK is reporting the company is searching for:

• commercial executives to join the team in London, including a director for a team that will broker deals with high-profile creators and creator networks across EMEA.

• a sales team for its Hamburg, Germany office on the way to adding operations in Helsinki later in the year.

Forget old-line scheduled programming. Streaming gaming already is a huge audience. Average Twitch viewership in January was more than 900,000 per day putting it on a par with the likes of MSNBC, CNN, Fox News and ESPN, according to Business Insider.

Right now, Twitch is all gaming, all the time. But Digiday says it will move into fitness, creative, music and others entertainment verticals.

Though the majority of Twitch jobs are still in Seattle and San Francisco, career opportunities in Europe include an account manager position in Hamburg (German speaking) and a data analyst in Luxembourg.

You can apply here.

Quick hit:

• Estonia, which is aggressively pushing its e-residency program needs a global offerings manager. That position requires identifying potential concepts for international or multi-local offerings (business consultancy, public e-services, fintech, payment solutions, banking, etc.) that will meet the needs of our global community of e-Residents,” according to the advert. You can apply here.

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