Developers and programmers: Luxoft invites you to brainstorm the future of the car

(Editor’s note: The initial version of this post had incorrect information from the marketing firm. That information has been corrected.)

As Dispatches’ traffic builds, we’re getting a lot more unsolicited pitches. But the cool thing is, more and more are for worthy events.

Take yesterday.

Thaly Zollinger, an intern at 360 Agency Berlin, pinged us on Facebook:

I saw your posts in the Berlin tech startup group and I think you may be interested in this event i’m putting on that will be about the future of the automotive industry. It’s also a great opportunity for networking and as I see you work with informing expats- this may be of interest to them as well.

So, we followed the link and yeah, Thaly (whoever she is) is promoting a really cool event/industry meetup called “Museum of the Past.”

Swiss/Russian automotive software supplier Luxoft is putting on a 9 February automotive meetup in Berlin to brainstorm the future of the industry as augmented reality, VR and machine learning revolutionize the auto technology.

Luxoft is looking for the best developers and programmers to develop innovation and think about the future of the automotive industry, so this could be a career moment.

Luxoft is a collaborator in “Berlin 2040,” a virtual (and imaginary) look back on the industry from 2040 including components from “days of yore,” according to the website.

Then, attendees will get a glimpse into the future ….

Speakers include:

• Olaf Preissner Future Vehicle UX Concepts – Leveraging technology values through design from UX to virtual reality. Preissner is director of UX Automotive, responsible for all UX and innovation projects at Luxoft.

• Michael Dinkel – Agile Way of Working – Mastery of software development and software deliveries has become the foundation of successful projects in automotive. Dinkel is director of the Digitial Cockpit practice at Luxoft.

• Johan Thelin – Open Source on Wheels – In the last few years, a seismic shift has taken place in the automotive infotainment industry, going from proprietary solutions to open source platforms and collaboration. Thelin is a system architect at Luxoft.

Usually, we’d add this to our “Best Startup and Tech Events” post, but as a meetup, it doesn’t seem to fit.

So we made it into a full post. You’re welcome.

The meetup is at the Forum Factory in Berlin.

You can register here.

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