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Matthew Reynolds: Four of my favourite places in Frankfurt

I particularly love the contradictions of Frankfurt – it’s daggy but cool; financial hot-spot but village-like. It’s money but not ostentatious. It’s friendly but reserved.

And it’s ugly and beautiful.

Finding its hidden (and not so hidden) gems has been exciting and rewarding. So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite places.

But please don’t tell anyone … we don’t want everyone to know.

Best German restaurant

Malepartus – Bornheimer Landwehr 59

If you are like me and you love a good schnitzel, you will also know how easily they can be destroyed. Too much sauce. Too much batter. Not enough batter. Tough as nails. Undercooked, overcooked – you get the picture: A very simple dish that creates a lot of room for error.

My partner and I have been to many a restaurant in Frankfurt looking for the ultimate schnitzel and guess what? The best one we have found is almost directly opposite our home.

Malepartus has been serving authentic German meals since 1948, and I honestly think it’s the best restaurant I have visited in Frankfurt. The Schnitzels are perfection – cooked just right, tender and the right amount of batter that peels easily away from the meat.

The Frankfurt schnitzel arrives with the original and famous green sauce. This is made from borage, chervil, cress, salad burnet, sorrel and chives, which is blended with sour cream and lemon. It is the perfect accompaniment for a schnitzel. It’s not expensive, the beers are great, and the service is friendly and warm.

Best ice-cream

Eis Christina – Eckenheimer Landstraße 78

Did I tell you how many great ice cream places there are in Frankfurt? Well, I don’t know exactly but there are heaps. This is my favourite. But don’t take my word.

Out of 1,118 reviews on gGogle, Eis Christina scores a 4.5/5. The mint and chocolate hazelnut nougat are, like, incredible. And now the weather is starting to cool, you should not have to queue.

Happy licking.

Best coffee

Hoppenworth & Ploch – Friedberger Landstraße 86

This was a difficult decision as there are lots of great coffee shops to choose
from. I must give honourable mention to my local who will probably kill me for not rating him at number one (Morcolade).

It is such a subjective choice, but the coffee at H&P is always excellent, strong, nutty, full-bodied and just the right temperature. Also, you can choose your coffee beans from a selection of prime producers including Columbia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and El Salvador. A must-try for any coffee aficionado.

Best massage

Health Land Thai Massage & Spa – Bethmannstrasse 58

Health Land wins hands down. It is relaxing from the moment you walk in and are seated and handed a mug of herbal tea and a warm hand towel. It’s quite an operation – running a team of masseuses 7 days per week – yet appears to run smoothly and like clockwork.

Health Land has been in operation since 2015 when a husband-and-wife team decided Frankfurt needed a professional and high-quality Thai massage clinic.

This place is an oasis of calm in the heart of Frankfurt.

About the author:

Matthew Reynolds is an accountant, management consultant and virtual CFO living in Frankfurt.

Matthew is available to work with expat companies and businesses requiring assistance in Frankfurt or global companies seeking to expand operations to Australia.

His website is and he can be contacted at: [email protected]

Read more from Frankfurt by Matthew Reynoldhere.

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