Expat Essentials: The coolest jobs at Europe’s most talked-about tech companies

Tech has had huge global growth despite the pandemic. So, it’s time for another list of the coolest jobs at Europe’s hottest tech companies.

You would think that after a year of pestilence and pandemic, the global economy would be in neutral. But in the tech world, the reverse has happened, with huge global growth. So, we decided it was time for another post looking at the coolest jobs at the hottest tech companies.

Even if you’re not job hunting at the moment, you need to know about these companies because they might be the next Apple, Google or Facebook. And you also need to know that Apple is the next Apple in Europe as it shifts its focus to Munich, which we’ve included because of all the speculation about their potential entry into the autonomous car market.

All these jobs are at multinational companies that hire highly skilled, English-speaking internationals.


No startup – American or European – has grown this fast or gotten so much adoring publicity as Hopin. This London-based virtual events platform seems to be the right concept at the right time. Every tech website – and we mean every pub – has had a story including Sifted and TechCrunch and VCs including a16z and Accel are standing in line to throw money at them.

Hopin just raised a $400 million series C funding round, co-led by new investors Andreessen Horowitz and General Catalyst and existing investor IVP. The latest valuation is $5.7 billion, which makes it Europe’s most valuable unicorn … by a mile.

Hopin has more than 100 open positions after that huge injection of cash. And as you might have guessed, most of the positions are remote, though dedicated to regions and countries, with language requirements along with English. Major career categories include customer service, business operations, engineering, marketing and sales.

For our coolest job, we chose Global Mobility Manager (because Dispatches is all about the global mobility of talent … duh!:

This role oversees the evaluation, development, implementation, and execution of mobility programs and services in support of Hopin’s Employee Experience strategy including employee short- and long-term transfers and assignments, domestic and international relocations, and new country entry support. This role is so much more than a typical global mobility role! This role will help us to define our geo strategy and influence where and how we hire. You will bring together colleagues from legal, finance and total reward to assess and make decisions on our expanding jurisdictions. 

You can see the full job description, then apply here.

You can see all the openings here.

Hopin gets 4.7 stars out of five in its Glassdoor employee review, which you can see here.


UiPath is an American company – founded in Romania – that has created advanced enterprise software in process automation. The 15-year-old company has operations in Belgium, Romania and the Netherlands, Austria, Germany Switzerland Denmark. Clients include the Cleveland Clinic and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, where UiPath installed technology that helped speed up their processes in the pandemic.

As of 22 March, UiPath has at least 74 openings in Europe in Romania, the Netherlands, the UK and, well, every country where they have operations:

Here’s a sample:

Sr. Front-end Developer

You need

  • 5+ years experience of coding in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, SASS
  • Strong knowledge of browser APIs / performance
  • The ability to promptly transform a set of functional/UX requirements into a working product
  • A semantic-driven approach to writing markup with a touch of accessibility
  • Experience working with distributed source control and a dynamic team that responds to change
  • The ability to build a large front end architecture that scales well
  • Nice to have:
  • Angular2+
  • RxJS
  • Electron
  • Experience with building mobile-friendly web applications

You can see all the jobs here. And we like the caveat in all the job descriptions that warns … “life at UiPath like a lot of startups, can sometimes feel like a roller coaster. It comes with changes and challenges, but also with the opportunity to shape how work is done, to have great impact and learn a great deal.”

Out of 1,674 UiPath employee reviews, 95 percent were positive on Comparably. “The remaining five percent were constructive reviews with the goal of helping UiPath improve their work culture.”


C3ai is one of the hottest companies in the United States with its stock tripling in price since its IPO. Yes, it hit a bit of a bump recently as losses were greater than projected. But this is still a company in a growth sector – enterprise artificial intelligence solutions.

The company has operations in Paris, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Brussels and Rome.

C3ai is looking for a technical solutions architect in Amsterdam. The job description has a lot of technical jargon, but states this is a “very hands-on” job requiring a combination of “big picture,” solution-oriented mindset and solid implementation skills in computer engineering, software, coding, operating systems and electrical engineering.

You can see all the jobs here.

Employees give C3ai 4.6 stars out of five on Glassdoor, 378 reviews. You can see the ratings here.


With a valuation of about 26 billion euros, Klarna is now Europe’s most valuable fintech company. So, if you score a career here, it’s highly unlikely your paycheck will bounce. Stockholm-based Klarna is a buy-now, pay-later platform for e-commerce that’s seen massive adoption since 2019, and everyone we know uses it. So, Dispatches has posted a lot about this fintech phenomenon.

Klarna has operations in its headquarters of Stockholm, Berlin, Munich, Oslo, Amsterdam, Madrid and basically in every major European city excluding, oddly, financial centers in Switzerland. The scale-up employs about 4,000 people from 100 countries, according to its website.

This mega-unicorn has dozens of jobs listed in all the above cities but Stockholm has the most. So, we chose the position with the most cachet for our cool job … head of product design. This is a shockingly straight-forward job description compared to most we read, basically stating you would run the show ….

To run the show, you need:

  • 10-plus years experience in Design (UI/UX/Product)
  • five or more years experience as Head of Design, VP Design, or similar role
  • serious experience in developing digital products: mobile and web applications

You also need top-notch English skills and experience working in an international environment.

You can apply here.

Klarna gets a 3.9 star rating out of 5 on Glassdoor, 511 reviews, the lowest on our list. Most of the complaints were about “tone-deaf” U.S. leadership. You can see the reviews here.

Apple moves on Munich

Yes, Apple is an American icon, based in Cupertino on the southern end of Silicon Valley. But it’s becoming increasingly Europe-focused. Our Dispatches insiders forwarded us several news releases and news items including Apple’s 11 March announcement that it is investing 1.2 billion euros in Munich for its new European Silicon Design Center. This center will employ “hundreds,” according to the official Apple release, which you can read here.

The small Irish Republic city of Cork is the HQ Apple’s operations in Europe, but now that appears to be shifting to Munich where the company already has an engineering hub with 1,500 engineers from 40 countries, according to the release. About half of Apple’s global power management design team works in Germany. Which has led to a lot of speculation that Apple will try to recruit some of the massive automotive talent in Munich to build the long-rumored, but never acknowledged, Apple autonomous car.

Apple has a ton of jobs in Munich related to application processor SoCs and analog and mixed-signal solutions for iPhone, power management design, application processors and wireless technologies.

The new facility will focus on connectivity and wireless technology.

We see 80 jobs listed in Munich alone.

• The most recent postings (22 March) include an intern in camera hardware, a senior CAD engineer and a digital design engineer.

Apple doesn’t get very high employee ratings, with about 76 percent of reviews positive on Comparably. Most of the complaints have to do with work/life balance – or the lack of – as Apple is, and always has been, notorious for pushing people to their limits. But Apple didn’t get to be one of the most successful companies on the planet by letting employees work four-day weeks and take off every major holiday.

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