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Expat angst: What you and the media are saying about Brexit

As an American, I can’t emphasized how gobsmacked I am by the Brexit vote.

From the expat perspective, I just thought Brits – especially young Brits – would understand what leaving would mean in the real world, especially for careers. Suddenly, it’s likely the 27 European Union countries where they once worked and traveled freely will be out of bounds. Brits could find it much more difficult to land international careers in business centers such as Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Helsinki, Dublin, Luxembourg City and Prague.

A London purged of  European talent would be the only realistic option for a generation of promising Brits.

All so Boris Johnson could declare “Independence Day.”

We posted our look at what might be in the future for all 2.3 million British expats living across Europe, then we reposted it on several expat websites. The response was like nothing we’ve seen in our 100-plus days.

Here’s a small sample of what you said on social media. (Last names have been excluded for privacy. And thank you, Frankfurt Expats, for allowing Dispatches to post.

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