12 May at HighTechXL: Casting Day is your chance to join a startup, and to explore Europe’s No. 1 deep-tech ecosystem

Wait … what’s that sound? That’s opportunity knocking. Open the door at Casting Day at HighTechXL on 12 May and you can immediately plunge into Europe’s premier deep-tech startup venture builder/ accelerator where graduate startups are getting global publicity.

‍If you’re ready to explore possibilities in the startup world and join a purpose-driven deep-tech venture, HighTechXL has so many options for you to consider. Casting Day on High Tech Campus Eindhoven will introduce you to teams in HighTechXL’s latest cohort, which came together in March around technologies from European Space Agency, CERN, TNO, PhotonFirst and Philips.

Now, those teams need more talent to push hard toward going to market. So, you’ll meet startups searching for co-founders (CEOs, CTOs and CBOs), team members, mentors, advisors and interns. Yes, hard skills are essential in this world. But HighTechXL also needs managers, marketers and people who are knowledgeable about finance.

They’re looking for people with experience or interest in the following areas:

• Engineering (Mechanical, Software, Industrial, Biomedical, Mechatronics, Electrical)

• Physics

• Industrial design

• Business and Innovation

• Marketing

• Finance

• Product Development

‍HighTechXL has been building deep-tech startups since 2018, and consumer tech starting in 2015. So, this is an established program with the successes to prove it.

Earlier this month, HighTechXL alum Carbyon, which has developed technology to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, received the $1 million Milestone Award in Peter Diamandis’ LA-based non-profit X Prize Foundation. Funded by Elon Musk, this XPRIZE category put up $100 million to create a circular carbon economy. That $100 million prize for carbon removal is “the largest incentive prize in history fighting humanity’s biggest problem,” according to the foundation. The competition now completely resets before the remaining $80M prize purse is awarded in 2025, which means Carbyon remains in the running. Winners and runners-up will be announced on Earth Day 2025.

Also this month, HighTechXL executives and PhotonDelta announced they’ll combine expertise and collaborate to identify integrated photonics technologies. Then HighTechXL will build teams around them to take the tech to market, further strengthening the Brainport ecosystem and establishing the Netherlands as a world leader in integrated photonics. So, you’d be joining a team at the moment Eindhoven is consolidating its position as Europe’s deep-tech innovation hub.

Other HighTechXL alums include robotic positioning technology Accerion and Manus and HighTechXL teams have raised more than 105 million euros. Many mature teams are expanding, and several HighTechXL alumni will be on hand including Dynaxion, Carbyon and Incooling.

What do you want from this event?

You might just want to explore possibilities in the startup world, or you may be looking for a job opportunity with a deep-tech venture or with the HighTechXL team. At Casting Day you can also learn more about becoming a mentor or adviser for a startup or explore the many internships available at HighTechXL and alumni ventures.

‍There’s a little something for everyone.

You can register here for the event and upload your CV.


Casting Day is scheduled for 3:00 to 5:00 in Building 27 on High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

About HIghTechXL:

HighTechXL is a venture-building accelerator that builds teams of entrepreneurs and tech talents around the most advanced technology in the world … technology from CERN, European Space Agency, TNO, Philips, PhotonFirst, Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology and other global innovators. As teams mature, the program connects them with the investors and mentors they’ll need to emerge as viable businesses. 

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