XL Day is 2 July: We celebrate HighTechXL’s deep-tech startups … then reveal what comes next


If you want to understand just how fast deep-tech startups can break out – and just how far they can go – in an absurdly brief amount of time, you won’t want to miss XL Day on 2 July.

HighTechXL’s current venture teams will tell the full story of their 9-month experience, pitch their value propositions and update us on their progress as they prepare to officially launch their ventures.


And their stories are crazy in a good way.

The technology that became Incooling, Dynaxion and Aircision was revealed at a hackathon a year ago, part of a new collaboration that includes Nikhef, HighTechXL and Geneva-based CERN to recruit or form startup teams capable of turning CERN technology into companies.

On 2 July, they officially launch their ventures.

We can’t squeeze everything that’s happened to them in one post, but here are just a few of the highlights.

  • Incooling, which uses CERN’s CO2 cooling technology, has raised more than 600,000 euros; won the Elektor Startup Games in Utrecht, Netherlands; won a ticket to Taipei to pitch and then won the media pitch at InnoVEX. Now they’re set to return to Taiwan in August for AWS Startup Days. They received a wild card to join 150 of the world’s top startups at Get in the Ring’s Global Meetup earlier this month. They were also selected to join 2,000 startups at Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Den Haag. And that doesn’t even take into account they’re already working with some of the largest tech companies in the world.
  • Dynaxion COO Emma Palmen just won the lightweight division at Get in the Ring’s Global Meetup in Berlin. Now, Dynaxion gets support for one year including access to GITR’s global investor network. But the big news is that Dynaxion was chosen as one of eight companies developing technology for the Opioid Detection Challenge, a mega-effort to help solve America’s opioid crisis. Dynaxion uses CERN’s particle accelerator for far more accurate material identification than X-rays, with multiple applications including scanning mail, parcels, luggage and freight.
  • Aircision made headlines earlier this year when they announced they would conduct tests of their 5G laser system on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Team members also went to Taiwan for InnoVEX and Berlin for GITR. Using structured laser beam technology, Aircision is developing free space optics that will replace conventional cables and fibre optics in strategic parts of building a super-fast communications network.

You’ll meet the latest additions to HighTechXL’s venture building program, Carbyon and Inphocal, who will transition to the next phase. You will hear all about their initial validation and business developments so far.

Throughout the afternoon, we will hear inspiring stories from entrepreneurs in the region – best practices and lessons learned – including Johan Feenstra, CEO SMART Photonics and Sukaina Adnane, co-founder and chief compliance officer at sleep diagnostic startup and HighTechXL alumnus Onera.

Then we’ll throw open the event for a Q&A session … ask them anything.

For the finale, we show you what comes next … a sneak preview of the seven advanced technologies we’ve sourced from CERNPhilips and TNO, which will be the foundation of new startups beginning the program in September

On XL Day, we pause to celebrate the incredible progress of all our deep-tech ventures. We hope you’ll join us for this exciting day of innovation.

The event is free and you can register here.

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