War for Talent: Career Hunt campaign offers expenses-paid VIP career trip to Estonia

File this under “too good to be true” … though it’s totally legit. This is the second year econ-dev group Work Estonia is offering superstar tech talent a free 5-day luxury VIP career trip to Tallinn, one of Europe’s most innovative cities

Here’s the deal: Work Estonia wants you to explore Estonia like a local and consider it a place for working and living … and do interviews with companies that need your highly skilled international mojo.

With Career Hunt, Estonia will fly the Top 25 candidates (this is only open to IT types, by the way) from anywhere in the world to Tallinn for an all-inclusive tech tour of the ecosystem. That’s right … all inclusive, which means Work in Estonia picks up the tab for rooms, food and travel. AND you could get what they’re calling “VIP shortcuts” to job interviews with the sexiest tech companies.

Wait … there’s more including after-work saunas and drinks, according to the Career Hunt website. Think of this as R&R in Global War for Talent. But you have to go for it NOW by applying on the website to one (or all) of the 14 companies participating in Career Hunt.

Chosen candidates get: 

• a unique 5-day-experience in Tallinn with free flights and accommodation.

• meetings with dream employers and teams.

• free access to local tech events to learn more about e-Estonia and its famous startup unicorns.

• a sampling of after-work fun, which includes outings, sauna sessions, white nights, craft beer & Nordic cuisine.

If you don’t make it this year, and time is short, make a note because this looks like a continuing campaign since Work in Estonia has 520-plus open positions posted on its website.

Estonia as a whole, and Tallinn in particular – has been on our Dispatches lists of best countries/cities for expats since Dispatches went live in 2016. Why? Because no small country in Europe has a bigger impact on tech than Estonia, which has produced the wizards who created Skype and Transferwise, just to name two Unicorns.

As we noted on our most recent “best cities” list, unlike other countries, Estonia actually wants you to move there. The country has a created a startup visa, and 1,000 people have taken them up on the offer to move their startups to Tallinn. So it’s no coincidence this tiny country – population 1.3 million – has sent more tech out into the wild than any other.

Be sure to read the FAQs on the Career Hunt website, which have all the details.

If you get chosen for Career Hunt, one piece of advice: Pack a sweater.

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