News & Buzz secures refunds for delayed, cancelled or over-booked flights….really!

As an ex-television reporter and current entrepreneur, Eve Buechner experienced lengthy delays and flight cancellation all too often during her travels. After attempting to claim compensation directly from airlines and not having any luck, she saw a need for a service that would simplify the process and help passengers receive their legal entitlements…

Eve Buechner, CEO of

Eve Buechner, CEO of…

“[I] decided to bring to market a service that would make a difference and help air passengers easily secure the compensation they are entitled to by law.”

Founded in July 2012, assists customers in enforcing their passenger rights and claiming compensation for delayed, cancelled or over-booked flights under EU Regulation 261/2004.

What began as a tech start-up in Potsdam, Germany has now evolved into a globally operating company, covering over 170 countries and 380 airlines. We have so far recovered more than 25 million EUR in unclaimed money.

In 2016, broke into the B2B (business-to-business) sector with Business Solutions, providing a tech solution for Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) and corporate travel departments through automated monitoring of business travel compensation entitlements.

On top of this, we now offer a service for delays, cancellations and over-bookings for customers in India under DGCA legislation, being the first company to reach the Asian market and the first to deal with Indian Civil Regulation claims.

CEO Eve Buechner has driven the consistent development of the company from the beginning: started with a mission: to be the first legal tech pioneer in the area of passenger rights on a worldwide basis. Now in its 5th year of operation, the company has evolved into an established player in passenger rights and is driving innovations in cooperation with US-based data mining experts to bring fascinating new services to the market.”

Using an ABL-system (Advanced Business Logic), passengers can easily check their entitlements to compensation on the website or mobile app and instantly open a claim. And with our “no win, no fee” policy, there’s absolutely no financial risk.

This year, will support Dispatches Europe with regular guest posts from our very own internal team members. We’ll be providing you with the latest flight information, industry news, interesting stories, travel tips and even personal accounts from our customers. So stay tuned for some extremely valuable insights into one of the world’s most competitive, exciting and dynamic industries.

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