On 20 May, help HighTechXL shape the future as part of FasTrackathon: Life After Corona

FasTrackathon: Life After Corona is coming up, a hackathon that will form startup teams around what we’re leaning from the COVID-19 pandemic.

We at HighTechXL are mobilizing our networks and communities to join us for FasTrackathon: Life After Corona May 20 from 13:00-17:00, which includes four challenges (see below). This is a virtual event, and you can read about hour first on-line only FasTrackathon here.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of smart, motivated people in the Netherlands quickly focused on addressing immediate needs for face masks and other protective gear, and there has already been great success with those initiatives. Now, we’re looking to the future and addressing challenges – or opportunities – we will face after the immediate effects of coronavirus.

Join a team and generate ideas to start a company, initiative or project addressing opportunities beyond the current coronavirus situation. Be creative and find new ways to socialize and work, prevent another pandemic or new ways to educate online.

Read through the opportunities below and choose the one where you can add the most value. At FasTrackathon, we’ll divide registrants into teams and provide tools to help you generate and evaluate your ideas.

Teams will pitch their propositions to all attendees at the end of the event. The most promising will go through HighTechXL’s one-week “express” venture-building program to help teams further develop their ideas and launch their initiatives.

Don’t feel helpless during these challenging times! This is your time to join the movement. Make a social impact. Make a difference.

You can register here.

The “opportunities”

Opportunity No. 1: Social Activities and Events

“Social distancing” is now our reality, meant to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This means we must stay 1.5 meters apart and shouldn’t gather with three or more people. We can’t socialize like we normally would in bars, restaurants and museums or attend major indoor and outdoor events such as music and arts festivals.

How can people of all ages stay socially active in a period of social distancing? Think of communication tools, one-way museums or events like GLOW Eindhoven and the Dutch Design Week.

Opportunity No. 2: Healthcare System: Detection and Prevention

The coronavirus has put great pressure on our healthcare system. We are trying to minimize the number of people in intensive care. What are the lessons learned from this outbreak? 

What did the coronavirus teach us about our healthcare system, and how can we detect and prevent the spread of a virus or pandemic in the future? Think of checking saturation at public spaces or healthcare apps.

Opportunity No. 3: Work Environment

Social distancing and other rules and restrictions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak have us working from home now. Some say we will never return to our “old” way of working.

How does this impact our work life? What does the work environment (office, home, and factory) of the future look like? Think of offices, meeting rooms, work-at-home-capsules, or face-to-face business meetings.

Opportunity No. 4: Knowledge

Schools and universities have moved to online learning. Fairs, workshops and masterclasses are all going digital. How does this affect the dispersion of knowledge and expertise? How do we ensure students do not cheat during their exams?

How do we share and test knowledge in the digital environment? Think of exams, lectures or building online knowledge-based ecosystems and communities.

If you have questions or need more details, email Robin van Scheijndel at: [email protected].

Read more about HighTechXL here.

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