HighTechXL events for 2021: Do you have what it takes to be a deep-tech startup founder?

(Editor’s note: These HighTechXL events are online only.)

Eindhoven-based HighTechXL is the Netherlands’ premier deep-tech venture builder, building teams around the most advanced technology from CERN, the European Space Agency, TNO, Philips and a number of research institutions. HighTechXL has two cohorts each year, and 2021 is getting off to a fast start.

If you’ve ever wanted to join a deep-tech venture as a CEO, CTO or CBO, this is your moment. And we don’t just need engineers and physicists. Each team needs business development and marketing types, as well.

Info Session Q&A

The first step toward joining a team starts 9 February with an Info Session Q&A when future co-founders/CEOs/CTOs/CBOs are introduced to the HighTechXL program.

We invite potential co-founders with experience in machine building, chemical engineering and sensor expertise as well as other competencies to join us online.

There’s a second Q&A session on 23 February.

If all this sound interesting, you can request a link to watch a very detailed video with founder and chief growth officer Guus Frericks explaining the venture-building program and what it’s like to be a cofounder. If you still have questions about the process, you can ask the HighTechXL team at the Q&A sessions.

Here’s the link to the video and event signup page.

This is the beginning of the assessment process to assign cofounders to team that will form during and after FasTrackathon, the big event that marks the beginning of a team’s nine months in HighTechXL’s venture builder program.


These are the runups to FasTrackathon, the event when teams form around new technologies. The all-important FasTrackathon is set for Wednesday, 17 March. The tech scouting team is assessing technologies now that will be presented at FasTrackathon. While those details aren’t complete, you can still preregister here.

If you’re wondering, we have this down after five events including virtual sessions. The first FasTrackathon was in July 2018, and out of that event came Incooling, one of the fastest-growing startups in the Netherlands.

Incooling uses advanced two-phase cooling technology inspired by CERN to cool GPUs and CPUs, and its team is working with Intel, ASML and GIGABYTE, the biggest names in the global semiconductor industry.

HighTechXL’s overall program has produced several standout startups since its pivot to deep-tech from high-tech accelerator back in 2018. Those include Incooling, Carbyon, AlphaBeats and inPhocal.

We’ll have a follow-up post with more details, so stay tuned. Because, as we always say, the future is being invented here.

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About HighTechXL:

HighTechXL is located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Since 2015, the Eindhoven-based venture builder has produced dozens of successful startups in both high-tech and deep-tech including Accerion and Sustonable.

In aggregate, HightechXL startups have raised more than 122 million euros, with a far higher survival rate than other accelerators. And they’ve gone global, with business operations and clients spanning the globe.

HighTechXL is an initiative of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance with ASML, Philips, and High Tech Campus Eindhoven as members.

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