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New on Passport: An American BBQ event near Eindhoven and more

There’s so much going on across Europe’s expat scene, we don’t have the real estate on our main website to include it all.

Take for example the American BBQ event coming up 2 July in Leende, just south of our HQ city of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

From noon to 7 p.m., there will be a gathering of people with American cars, Harley-Davidson motorcycles and even an American market, all sponsored by U.S. Style, a Harley dealer.

This is, in fact, an annual event.

Full disclosure: This is where we actually live, and we know every Harley club (the Dutch love to join clubs) comes to this region to ride the backroads along the Dutch/Belgian border. So, we’ll be there eating barbecue and admiring all the Harleys and 1965 Mustangs that’ve miraculously ended up in this tiny country.

But is this a story? Do we put it on our weekly roundup of events across Europe, a roundup that includes the biggest concerts, festivals and Formula 1 races?

Doesn’t really work.

Ah, but we have a solution.

We created Passport, a place where we – and you – can post anything from the American BBQ to your startup’s pitch to investors. Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs … where to find not just housing and careers, but fulfillment, friends, and fun across Europe.

Of course, all social media platforms have a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma: How do you attract the first users?

We have an advantage in that Dispatches already has tens of thousands of user each month.

So we’re going the Quora/reddit route, populating Passport on the way to achieving critical mass … and connecting English speaking expats not just in one city or one country, but across Europe.

That said, we did get this from Dees Kampen via the local Eindhoven public FB page – an apartment for sale in a really great section of Eindhoven:

This large townhouse (type of garden house) has a neat finish and is located in the partial plan Waterrijk in Meerhoven, within walking distance of various facilities. Also, the house has a private parking in the basement, full modern kitchen, three (possibly four) bedrooms, and a roof terrace.


The idea, of course, is you’re in Shanghai, Mumbai, Cluj or Vienna and you’re going to Eindhoven, Berlin or Brussels for a job, you can find what you need on Passport. Including a great apartment.

Finally, we have an events calendar, so send us your group’s events and we’ll get them posted ASAP. ([email protected])

All you have to do is sign up. (You can see our privacy policy here.)

And we’ll see you at the big American BBQ ….

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