Monique Mols: Employing 119 nationalities worldwide, Dutch tech giant is ‘truly the United Nations of ASML’

(Editor’s note: ASML makes the advanced photolithography machines that enable the world’s computer chipmakers to work their magic. The company, based in the Veldhoven section of Eindhoven, employees about 28,000 people in 16 countries. This was originally posted on Howdo and is reposted here with the permission of the author.)

Every now and then I check the facts and figures of ASML to keep track of our progress. Every time I am impressed with our employee population from all over the world: 103 nationalities at ASML in our headquarters in Veldhoven, 119 worldwide.

Given the fact there are about 195 countries in the world, we are truly the United Nations of ASML.

Another statistic: one third of my colleagues in Veldhoven does not have a Dutch passport. Half the people who recently joined ASML came from outside the Netherlands.

The Dutch labor market just cannot keep up with our growth, so we really need our internationals to make sure we can continue our fast-paced innovation.

My international colleagues have changed ASML over the years. They made the company better, more vibrant and diverse. I love hearing the many languages in our corridors and learning about different cultures. It is not always easy to work with people from different backgrounds (I am sure that for our internationals it is sometimes a challenge to work with their Dutch colleagues), but in the end, you do learn a lot from each other.

During the past year I often thought about our internationals. It must be really hard to be separated from their families during the global pandemic. When you are working from home, it is harder to adapt to a new environment and to find new friends. So, I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to catch up at a safe distance.

And, finally, a special shout-out to all the spouses who joined their partners and are eager to become part of our community. I admire your courage to completely turn your lives around, not knowing what will be in it for you. I hope the employers of Brainport Eindhoven recognize that courage as a special skill. If you need help finding your way, join Expat Spouses Initiative, International Women’s Club, Indigo-wereld or any of the other organizations that are here for you.

And don’t forget to find Dutch friends too.

About the author:

Monique Mols is head of Corporate Communications for ASML. You can see Monique’s professional details here on Linkedin.

Read more about ASML here on Dispatches.

Be sure to check out ASML’s career opportunities here.

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