High Tech Campus Eindhoven has hundreds of job openings … and not just for engineers

Sometimes, we’re so dumb.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

High Tech Campus Eindhoven

We think we’re smart in that we’re always aggregating information or doing primary-source interviews, looking for the next great post. It’s not easy because our audience – English-speaking expats  – is a unique audience.

They’re more adventurous, and generally more skilled whether you’re your talking about American corporate nomads, Turkish entrepreneurs, Indian techpats, Romanian developers or top-shelf British managers.

So we set up our various notifications to alert us if Tesla is building a new gigafactory in Europe, or if BNP Paribas is recruiting startups.

But we’re dumb when we forget to tell you about career opportunities in our own back yard.

Such as all the jobs at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

HTC is likely the densest collection of ultra-high tech and engineering talent outside of Mountain View. There are 10,000 highly skilled people working at more than 150 companies including the largest number of internationals in the Netherlands.

So, there are a lot of open jobs … we counted 85 postings currently.

Most of the companies here are cutting edge, so a quick canvas of the job openings include:

• Philips needs a senior RF engineer as they develop IOT concepts.

• G-Therapeutics, which is part of Medtronic, is looking for a senior (principal) test engineer.

• Shimano, which just opened its Europe headquarters at HTC, needs a performance officer.

That said, you don’t have to be an engineer, physicist, designer or developer to be part of the fun.

One of the positions that just got posted is for a Communications & Media Expert.

You must speak English and obviously, you have to have a work permit for the Netherlands. But the Netherlands is perhaps the most liberal country in Europe – excluding Sweden – when it comes to accepting highly skilled migrants.

From that posting:

How do we see you:

You’re a proven (tech) writer and story producer, always curious about what’s happening around you. You are a motivated team player. A self-starter. You’re out and about, listening, networking, always looking for win-wins, and what might be next in the tech avant-garde.

Here are some of the job requirements from the post:

  • The ability to produce audio, video, photography, short-form copy, and other creative projects that are compelling, original and representative of the work conducted on the Campus.
  • Passion for both high-level strategy and hands-on writing, producing, and editing.
  • An understanding of the international tech content strategies and the implications your work could have on the reputation of campus residents.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English, as well as proofreading skills.
  • Managed a blog, Twitter account, LinkedIn Group or Facebook Page before.
  • Managed day to day regular internal Company communications.
  • A BSc or MSc degree

So, there are a few jobs for us liberal arts types.

But the truth is, the companies at HTC are among the most advanced in the world.

The lineup of potential employers is impressive and includes:

NXP Semiconductors. NXP – recently acquired by San Diego-based Qualcomm –  employs about 45,000 people in more than 35 countries and provides chips that give Apple devices features like power-efficient motion tracking and NFC for Apple Pay.

Teledyne: Teledyne is a Thousand Oaks, Calif.-based multinational that started out as a defense contractor. The company has diversified into diverse sectors from oil and gas exploration to medical imaging.

EFFECT Photonics: EFFECT Photonics is a spinoff company from Technical University Eindhoven. The company produces next-gen chips that make possible high bandwidth connections between data centers and mobile cell towers. (Obviously, we won’t be working there.)

So, yeah, a career in Eindhoven basically means a shot at reinventing the future.

You can see all the open positions here.

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