Hot tip: Funded Eindhoven-based energy spinoff from TNO and TU/e searching for entrepreneurial CEO

Okay, we can all agree on one thing – we’re living through interesting times. But in innovation centers from Barcelona to Cluj, life and business must go on. So we’re posting the coolest tech career opportunities when we find them. And our first one is a good one for a CEO in the deep-tech center of Eindhoven … with a twist.

An Eindhoven-based heat storage startup is searching for a CEO. The spinoff company from TNO and Eindhoven University of Technology is introducing a revolutionary product that delivers instantaneous heat where sustainable energy is lacking. To take it to market, they need an entrepreneurial CEO who’s willing to either inject capital or to make an in-kind investment.

That said, the project already has operating capital. In its final engineering and upscaling phases, the to-be-named spinoff is funded by national and international programs including a 7 million euro Horizon 2020 grant from the European Union in early 2019.

After initial development as a TU/e project, the company is coming together and has senior advisors with a broad international business network in place to support the team, bringing together scientific skills with business and startup experience.

They’re searching for a CEO rooted in applied physics and energy technology with experience in business development, innovation and financial services.

The projected founding date of the company is September 1, 2020 if not sooner, according to the documents sent to us.

The Dutch government is pushing the technology as the Netherlands strives to end the use of hydrocarbons for heating by 2050.

Here’s how the thermo-chemical technology works, according to a post on TU/e’s Cursor website:

The heat battery uses two basic ingredients: water vapour and salt. When these components are brought together, the water binds to the salt, creating new salt crystals. This process releases heat. This process is reversible. By bringing heat back into the system, water and salt are separated. As long as water and salt are separate, energy is stored without loss. Once you bring the two back together again, the stored heat will again be released. The heat battery is stable, works without loss of energy and will last at least 20 years if used correctly.

Here are some of requirements for potential CEO candidates:

• experience as CEO, including business development
• experience with startups/scale-ups
• experience in setting up and closing deals with suppliers and customers
• financially aware and able to combine the CEO role with the role of CFO until a dedicated CFO is in place
• experienced in the energy market and has a relevant network

Personal characteristics:

• is a true entrepreneur willing to tie own financial success to the success of the company

• is able and willing to show commitment by investing in-kind and/or cash in the company

• has the drive to start-up and scale-up the company and work in a small team

• makes thoughtful, fast decisions; dares to make decisions in cases of uncertainty

This is an amazing opportunity to co-found a company with a strong IP position and supported by a board of senior advisors. If you tick off all the boxes, forward your motivation letter and CV to [email protected].

About TNO:

Based in The Hague, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek, or TNO, is an independent research organization focusing on applied science. TNO also conducts contract research, offers specialist consulting services, and grants licences for patents and specialist software. 

About Eindhoven University of Technology:

Eindhoven University of Technology in Eindhoven, Netherlands is one of the most highly rated technical research universities in Europe. Based on “industry income,” TU/e is ranked No. 1 in the world by Times Higher Education, the highest score for collaboration with industry as well as in the field of academic and scientific research.

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