HighTechXL: Join our Casting Day recruitment event for new CERN team members

HighTechXL is always on the hunt for deep-tech, ground-breaking technologies to build fast-growing high tech companies with a sustainable impact. So the Netherlands’ only deep-tech accelerator is sponsoring a very special event on Friday, 18 January – a Casting Day to recruit new talents to our CERN teams.

Those teams need very specific talent, and you might be exactly the person we’re looking for. What’s in it for you? This could be your chance to join a CERN-backed startup that could become Europe’s next deep-tech Unicorn.

In January 2018, we met with CERN officials in Switzerland and got a glimpse of the revolutionary technologies CERN has developed. Together, CERN, Dutch partner Nikhef and HighTechXL took up the challenge to select promising technologies on which to build fast-growing companies.

What would you do with
• Accurate temperature control using the evaporation process of Co2?
• Long-distance structured laser beam?
• Compact high-frequency particle accelerator?

All these are indeed, barrier-breaking technologies … but now what? How do you build exceptional teams around such extraordinary technology? We started with a hackathon.

Journey so far

Teams formed after the hackathon and worked through the summer to build their business propositions to advance to the next phase: the three-month special edition CERN accelerator program, which started September 4th ….

During the program, we validated technology and customer needs simultaneously. With this came a whole new set of challenges, many pivots and lots of lessons. Now these companies are ready to expand their teams:

A new-generation soil-scanning solution that improves accuracy and efficiency of soil-scanning processes worldwide.

Dynaxion Agro is looking to expand the team for the HighTechXL 2019 accelerator program.

About us

Dynaxion Agro is a startup in its validation phase. We are active in the field of precision agriculture and are creating a soil scanner based on CERN technology to measure the nutrient composition of the soil. By doing so, we want to help farmers increase their yield while at the same time decrease the use of fertilizers, making food production more efficient, effective and sustainable.

In Q1 2019 we are going to further validate our product, create partnerships and build a bankable business model. In the end, we aim to create a global business.

Looking for

We are currently strengthening our team and are looking for enthusiastic people who would like to work with us on a part-time basis (+-2 days per week; time commitment can be discussed) starting February 2019, building a company in the field of precision farming:

1.     Agriculture expert / Soil scientist

Preferably with connections to Wageningen University and/or in the sector

Intern, Junior or Senior function

You will be working on validating the business opportunity with questions like:

–       What are the advantages (higher yield, lower costs) by using this technology?

–       What is the best market/country to target and what is the best crop to target?

2.     Physicist

Preferably a senior-level applied physicist

You will be working on validation of the technology with questions like:

–       What is needed to apply this technology effectively to measure the soil composition?

–       What are the strengths and weaknesses of this technology?

3.     Of course, other team members are also welcome. You can apply if you are enthusiastic and willing to ‘dig into’ a new business case. There is much to be done to strengthen the business case.

More specifically, we can also use people who can help structure processes and information and people who can negotiate with business partners.

What we offer

·      A dynamic workplace on High Tech Campus Eindhoven

·      Entrepreneurship experience and startup creation in a high-tech venture

·      HighTechXL team support with business and team coaching

·      As there is no bankable business plan yet and we are still pursuing funding, we are not able to offer a salary at the moment. If we identify a good business opportunity and receive funding, we will become an actual business, and you will be a valuable player on the team.



Deadline subscriptions: 10.01.2019
Apply via [email protected]


The world’s first compact cooling system that can effectively solve the thermal problems that arise from the higher power densities in 3D Integrated CPU’s and GPU’s.

As an InCooling team member, you can expect to work in the development of state-of-the-art in-chip cooling solutions.

About Us

InCooling is a startup that, together with years of CERN expertise, unlocks the full potential of processors, providing the next generation performance today. With our solution that enables 3D chip-stacking, the semiconductor industry can foresee a future where Moore’s law will be always alive.

In the upcoming year, we will be developing our first on-chip cooling system and working in the research and development for the integrated in-chip cooling solution together with NTS group and ASML. To strengthen our team, we are looking for additional technical knowledge. All levels of experience and availability are welcome to apply.

Position Title

Technical Expert Semiconductor Industry


-You have experience in the computer hardware or semiconductor industry.

-You are passionate about high performance computing.

-You can prepare, execute and analyze technical tests on chip performance.

-You are familiar with the architecture of a chip and chip design including surrounding environment (RDL, package).

-You are flexible and you feel comfortable working in international and multidisciplinary environments.

-You enjoy working autonomously.

-You know how to get things done.

What we offer

By joining our team, we offer the opportunity to join a startup partnering with CERN and Nikhef that will enable the big companies to satisfy the performance demand of a technology-driven world. A percentage of equity is still available.


Deadline subscriptions: 10.01.2019

Apply via [email protected]


A new-generation screening solution that improves accuracy and efficiency of security screening processes to identify prohibited substances in packages.

Dynaxion: Create impact by increasing global safety

About us

Dynaxion is a startup company from HighTechXL, based at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. We licensed a novel RFQ (radio frequency quadrupole) technology developed at CERN and aim to develop exciting new high-level applications for this RFQ technology. Dynaxion delivers a new-generation screening solution based on this technology. We develop a neutron scanner for security screening purposes, such as parcel screening, baggage screening and container screening. The main focus is currently on parcel security screening.

For more information about Dynaxion and the innovative product, go to our website here.

Position Title


Short description

From January 2019 we are looking for physicists (part time, 2-3 days a week), preferably in the area of nuclear physics (PhD). You will be responsible for leading the high energy particle simulations, be involved in the IP creation, and you should be able to pick up knowledge from CERN and transfer this knowledge back to Dynaxion. Furthermore, you should have good communication skills, be open minded, highly motivated and interested in exploring a dynamic startup environment.

Tasks and responsibilities:

– Lead simulation work and prototype system design
– IPR portfolio management
– Lead technical advisory board and give input for business strategy
– Engage with potential customers
– Contribute to project funding proposal writing

What we offer

We offer you the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) role within a deep tech startup company, with the possibility to share in company equity. In addition, you gain experience by working in a highly diverse and technical domain, where you work with exciting and innovative technologies from CERN. Take part in the development of the new generation security scanners.


Deadline subscriptions: 10.01.2019

Apply via [email protected]


(We’ll have more detailed information as to the time and exact place on High Tech Campus Eindhoven.)

All positions are at High Tech Campus, Building 27 in the new High Tech Plaza startup complex.

5656 AE Eindhoven

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