Got a great 5G concept or technology? The 5G Innovation Challenge can make your great ideas a reality

Do you have a 5G solution that makes everyday life easier, better or more exciting?

(Editor’s note: This post about the 5G Innovation Challenge is part of Dispatches’ Tech Tuesdays series. We cover tech because the sector employs a significant portion of our highly skilled internationals across Europe.)

5G technology is about to change the world, making possible a new generation of advanced technologies and improving existing digital connections. Do you have a solution that makes everyday life easier, better or more exciting? The new 5G Hub at High Tech Campus Eindhoven and its partners have created the 5G Innovation Challenge, looking for high-profile ideas or concepts.

5G Hub is looking for new, world-changing concepts and projects using 5G in sustainability, health, business and entertainment with the potential to change the world. 5G technology is about more than faster connectivity … it’s a crucial component in advancing artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, blockchain and photonics. And High Tech Campus Eindhoven has big new initiatives to advance all those technologies.

Shall we face this challenge together?

5G stands for the fifth generation telecommunications technology standard for broadband cellular networks. The technology, which began rolling out in 2018, is faster and capable of connecting more devices than the existing 4G LTE network, improvements that will enable a wave of new kinds of tech products.

Which is where you and your team come in.

Apply with your idea or concept and you our team could be chosen for a development program at the 5G Hub, a collaboration between Brainport Development, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Ericsson, and VodafoneZiggo. The hub has tools to both test new tech and support advanced research.

Together with our partners, we are looking for new solutions in the field of sustainability, health, business or entertainment. By participating in the challenge you have the opportunity to develop your idea in a pressure cooker where you will see tangible results this year.

For teams, this is a great opportunity to work with advanced communications/tech companies with serious resources at a dedicated 5G hub while keeping your intellectual property.

You get:

• the deep expert knowledge and expertise of the contributing companies

• a co-creation program for the winners guided by proven and trusted experts

• to work with the latest stand-alone 5G architecture: fast, secure, robust broadband connections & ultra-low latency

• guidance from 5G domain experts

• immersion in the expansive High Tech Campus Eindhoven ecosystem

• to work closely with partners VodafoneZiggoEricssonStrictRabobank and Brainport Eindhoven.

For the companies supporting the challenge, this is a chance to partner with new talents with visionary ideas.

Here’s the timetable for the challenge

9 May – Registrations close
11 May – First selection of the most promising cases
25 and 26 May 25 (in the afternoon) – First feedback rounds
11 May thru 28 June (tbd) – Speed dating between teams and sponsors
29 June – Final presentations and announcement of the winner
Sept 2021 – Start of tailor-made development program

You can sign up here.

About the 5G Hub:

The 5G Hub is a joint innovation center of High Tech Campus, Brainport Development, VodafoneZiggo and Ericsson. It’s located at HTC 25, block 3.

About High Tech Campus Eindhoven:

HTCE is the most advanced research campus in Europe, home to more than 235 companies and 12,000 talented people working at companies ranging from semiconductor giant NXP to startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands’ largest dedicated and integrated startup hub.

Read more about HTCE here on Dispatches.


Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, VodafoneZiggo is a telecommunications/cable provider that’s a partnership between Liberty Global and Vodafone.

About Ericsson:

Based in Stockholm, Ericsson is a multinational telecommunications, networking and communications hardware company. See more about their 5G research here.

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