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Though we still see ourselves as a startup, Dispatches Europe went live in 2015 with a post about an American expat living in a castle in Italy. In essence, we’re an on-line expat news and lifestyle magazine dedicated to the global mobility of talent – the global community of 30 million highly skilled internationals. That mission includes giving readers accurate and tested information on the essentials of expat life from real estate to banking to careers.

Most importantly, we’ve published a lot of posts by our expats contributors across Europe detailing how they negotiated the process of getting long-term residence visas in Italy, Germany, France and other countries.

Then countries including Portugal and Greece started issuing Golden Visas and suddenly, expats could get a visa with access to all of the Schengen Area for a relatively modest investment in business or real estate. That’s not to mention all the special visas for startups and techpats as well as our annual list of the best cities and countries for expats.

For some reason, we’ve never thought of aggregating them into one handy reference post … until now. Anyway, these posts have in aggregate gotten more than 1 million page views.

If you’re thinking about a move to Europe, this is the place to start.

Long-term residence visas

Golden Visas

Startup visas


Best cities and countries for expats

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