Expat careers: Dispatches’ curated list of the best deep-tech jobs at HighTechXL startups

Every country across Europe is expecting the pandemic to leave a sizable dent in their economies. But there is a bright spot – tech startups. Better equipped to cope with adversity in a changing world, they’re creating tomorrow’s deep-tech jobs as other sectors struggle.

Eindhoven-based venture builder HighTechXL made a dramatic pivot to deep-tech back in 2018 and has pumped out world-changing startup after world-changing startup since then.

HighTechXL has a new cohort of startups and, along with alumni companies created back in 2018, they’re creating deep-tech jobs as fast as we can post them. The venture-building effort has already produced teams such as Incooling and Carbyon that have raised – and are raising – millions in early stage venture capital, so most of these are paid positions, though some are internships.

Finally, we’re in the global mobility of talent business, and all these teams already include highly skilled internationals. So, whether you’re a physicist or marketing exec, you’ll fit right in.

Let’s see who needs your talents:


Okay, this is a crazy cool team with an actual physician on board and a mission to help you chill you the f*ck out.

AlphaBeats has technology developed by Philips, around which they are building a biofeedback app that works with your favorite music. You start a wreck and before you know it, that soul-killing chronic stress just fades away. Even in a pandemic.

AlphaBeats is looking for a full stack developer/engineer with experience and skills in:

• Cloud Infrastructure (AWS/Google Cloud/Azure)

• React Native/React


• Python

• Serverless

• Docker

‍There are various financial compensation options, which they’ll discuss with qualified candidates. Visit the AlphaBeats website here to get a feel for what they’re all about and send an email with your motivation letter and CV to both:

 [email protected] AND [email protected]


AquaPacer uses technology from Philips CMUT technology for direct bladder content measurement, which allows users to avoid the medical issues related to dehydration.

AquaPacer has four positions open, including one for a software engineer who knows:

• Hardware-level FPGA (Verilog) and ASIC

• Signal Processing

• Software level Application Programming Interface (API)

• UI applications for End Users (Android, iOS)

• Wireless Sensors Network

Requirements include:

• relevant university education (at least a Bachelor’s): Computer Science or Engineering

• a strong knowledge and experience of the theoretical and technological aspects of software and hardware development with special focus on mobile app development

• proven software development experience and Android/iOS skills development

• proven work experience in Android/iOS app development and must have published at least one original Android or iOS app

• Significant experience with Java/Android SDK, Android studioEclipse, Kotlin, Linux, Apache/Nginx, MySQL, PHP

• Knowledge of Bluetooth and WiFi and their communication protocols

The responsibilities and daily tasks of the software engineer include:

• implementing the XML/JSON RESTful interfaces

• programming of data and digital signal processing solutions in C and/or C++

• developing low-level and embedded applications

• programming of embedded code (e.g. Verilog) using FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array)

• accurately documenting design, development, and test results

You must be completely fluent in English, spoken and written, as the team communicates internally and with HighTechXL in English.

Please send your motivation letter and CV to Namrata Dutta Mazumdar: [email protected]

AquaPacer also needs a mechanical engineer, a test engineer and a hardware engineer. You can see all open positions here.

Photo courtesy of Incooling


Incooling is designing next-gen chip and CPU/GPU cooling technology, working with Intel, GIGABYTE and other global semiconductor companies.

They’re looking for a computer overclocking expert to work on overclocking (essentially making computer components perform beyond their theoretical design limits) and develop exotic cooling solutions.

Incooling also has other deep-tech jobs, including internships for highly skilled students.

You can apply on their website here.


InnoFlex is a serious-science startup developing a revolutionary roll-to-roll system for mass production of flexible nanomaterials such as flexible PV and flexible electronics – materials that can be integrated with existing deposition techniques.

InnoFlex is looking for a plasma physics engineer with:

• relevant university education (at least a Bachelor’s degree) in fields of Plasma Physics or Mechanical Engineering

• knowledge of roll-to-roll processes

• 1-2 years’ experience in a design/engineering role within high-tech companies

• knowledge and experience of the theoretical and technical aspects of plasma-based high-tech equipment

• CAD software skills

• a totally fluent English, spoken and written. The communication with colleagues is in English.

NOTE: For now, this is a volunteer position but offers the possibility of joining the venture in the next few months as a full-time salaried employee (with additional company share options).

Send your motivation letter and CV to: [email protected]


inPhocal is developing a faster new laser marking technology for coding processes in industrial production lines, technology that can out-perform inkjet printing.

inPhocal has an internship available for a physics student:

• willing to do an internship at an ambitious startup working with novel laser beam technology and with sufficient knowledge on optics and light propagation.

• with some understanding of interpreting optical simulation results and translating that into practical experiments.

• capable of doing experiments with high power lasers and optical systems. These experiments are related to developing a technology that will be the input for developing a prototype. The student will play an important role in the feasibility study that leads up to the prototype development.

Please send your motivation letter and CV to [email protected].


Optify uses electronic inspection technology built on research from CERN, Nikhef and HighTechXL to measure radiation, which can damage electronic components in the inspection process.

Optify needs to fill a number of deep-tech jobs including:

Nuclear Physicist/Radiation Dosimetry Expert

Candidates must have:

• an affinity with light/matter interactions and/or radiation will be an advantage

• theoretical and practical knowledge of optical measurement devices and fiber optic technology is a plus

• Knowledge of programming languages such as LabVIEW and/or MATLAB/Python

• knowledge of multiple physics engineering tools such as Monte Carlo simulations are desired‍

This is a full-time position requiring a minimum of 24 hours a week.

To apply, send an email with your CV to [email protected].

Optify has two other career opportunities – subsidies expert and business developer. You can see details here.

(Editor’s note: HightechXL is a Dispatches partner.)

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