Eindhoven Business Briefing: HighTechXL’s XL Day, Creative Ring and much more

(Editor’s note: The Eindhoven Business Briefing is part of Dispatches’ Tech Tuesday series covering technology and global management in Europe and Asia. This post has been updated with a clarification regarding Creative Ring)

Wednesday, 6 December, HighTechXL takes its rightful place as the high-tech startup capital of the world.

XL Day is Eindhoven’s biggest startup and tech event, and that’s saying a lot, because this is one of Europe’s centers for ultra-high tech. The theme for this demo day is, “About now.” And it really is time for this mix of Dutch and international startups and corporate teams to show their hands.

Startups and corporate teams (13 in total) have made it through the intense HighTechXL, and they’ll share center stage.

Agenda (Doors open at 13:00)
Stories Part 1. Startup, Corporate, Alumni and Launchpad
Stories Part 2. Startup, Corporate, Alumni and Launchpad
Networking and Drinks

And the whole event is free! You can sign up here.

Here are some of the startups pitching:


(Mexico) Test to detect HPV virus and cancer
HakkenENTERPRISE has developed a non-invasive test capable of detecting simultaneously both human papilloma virus (HPV) infection and cancer propensity (cervical or prostate), reaching
both male and female populations to help prevent the most prevalent cancers. The Kimera test costs institutions less than $250. This innovative product will help patients and their caregivers develop personalized prevention plans.


(Ukraine) Wearable heart monitor T-shirt
HeartIn has developed a wearable heart-monitor, a T-shirt with a mini-electrocardiograph for people with chronic heart disease. The wearable medical device enables patients to connect ECG sensors to a smartphone or PC, with the data going to physicians. HeartIn also has a fitness version with fitness parameters, and the team developed a comprehensive system of cardio assessment via an online consulting service, with an AI-based real-time heart monitoring app including multiple alarms.

• LiquidWeb:

(Italy) Assistive technology for ‘Locked-in’ patients

LiquidWeb has developed assistive technology, BrainControl, to give “locked-in” patients a continued link to their environments. These patients typically have degenerative neuromuscular diseases such as ALS or traumatic brain injuries. BrainControl uses commercial EEG sensors connected by wifi to a control unit running on a tablet device. Disabled patients use a control stick to communicate or operate systems such as lighting or even a wheelchair … with their minds.

• OneSoftDigm:

(S. Korea) Portable BMI analyzer
OneSoftDigm is a software company working to connect all their users’ crucial health and fitness data to a single device, then analyze that data and make health and exercise recommendations. One Smart Diet, a portable body mass index (BMI) analyzer provides dietary information and an effective exercise guide based on 98.8-percent accurate results of body fat. “We want to connect everything,” said Seungmin Yoo, team manager. “If a user checks body composition, we use a big data engine to make useful recommendations.”


(Mexico) Environmentally-friendly patented paint process
This four-person team from Mexico developed a patented chemical process that makes many types of paint both less expensive to manufacture and environmentally friendly by dispensing with the use of solvents in the paint-mixing process. Their process modifies pigment particles in paint with the same desired coverage, and because there is no use of solvents or other additives, the product is also environmentally friendly.

Project Ipsilon:
(Nethelands/US) Music-based sensory stimulation therapy

Project Ipsilon is a cognition monitoring, testing, and assessment startup based in Rotterdam. The team’s basic approach is using simplified classical music notation as a spatial-motor test, tracking users’ responses with EEG sensors, then using AI to visualize the data. The diagnostic system – used as a stand-alone tool or to support an existing protocol – is instrumental in providing cognitive wellness among Parkinson’s Disease, ADHD and Alzheimer’s patients and others with neuropsychological conditions.


(Netherlands) Technology connecting smart phones and IoT:
TicTag has developed a smart tag that can connect almost anything to smart phones or Apple MacBook laptops. This tag triggers an action on your phone or tablet by touching the capacitive screen. The Internet of Things is nearby and gives you the opportunity to interact with almost anything in daily life. TicTag has advantages over other digital signal technology including QR codes and iBeacon. Using TicTag, you can surf, identify and authenticate, migrate data and gain automatic and digital connections.

• Eindhoven entrepreneur Fanny Jol-Vugts is part of a team who together created a relatively new annual event, Creative Ring Eindhoven, scheduled for 30 November and 1 December.

From her LinkedIn post:

To all the creatives in my network … working in art, design, tech or otherwise,  I am happy to invite you to the 3rd Innovation Clinic of Creative Ring Eindhoven! Learn about upcoming European open calls & challenges, follow workshops on prototyping, branding & pitching, writing and much, much more.

Creative Ring is a joint effort of several entrepreneurs, companies and organizations such as Credo, Brainport Development, Eindhoven City Government and the Dutch Design Foundation.

Koen Snoeckx and CeesJan Mol are the driving forces of Creative Ring Eindhoven and the linking pins to the European network, Jol-Vugts told us.

We see at least four challenges on the Creative Ring website:

    • Tap into the Smart Society Agenda of Eindhoven with projects related to the Roadmaps on Smart Lighting and Sustainability of Public Buildings.

Open Call Synchronicity:

    • Prepare for the Synchronicity open call in Q1 2018 and influence the IoT related topics of this open call to increase your chances of securing up to €300,000 of funding.

Open Call Wear Sustain 2:

    • 2nd open call WEAR Sustain. In the first open call, we had 8 winners from the Netherlands. Will you be the next one to win €50,000?

Worth Partnership Project:

    • Worth Partnership Project creates and supports transnational collaborations between fashion designers, creatives, manufacturing enterprises (SMEs) and technology firms. Win up to €12,000, tailor-made coaching and international visibility.

Put the innovation clinic on your calendar and find out about challenges from across Europe AND get support for your proposals and projects.

From the website:

Connect with other creatives, inventors, masterminds, technologists, experts and coaches. Together win the next open call on Wearables, Urban IoT Services, Fashiontech and cooperate on inventive projects.

Learn about Smart Society, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and the opportunities of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Create sharper concepts, better proposals, a full product range, branding through storytelling, make fast electronic prototypes and much more.

The full Innovation Clinic program and free registration are here.

• Speaking of HighTechXL, alumnus Usono  one of Eindhoven’s medtech startups – keeps pushing forward.

Usono’s nine-person team is getting ready for EuroEcho in Lisbon from 6 to 8 December, where all the top cardiologists who perform ultrasound gather, said CEO Benjamin Tchang. Usono develops devices that allow clinicians to attach ultrasound scanners to patients.

Usono is headed to Portugal with a lot of momentum having just signed a deal 16 November with Sydney-based Anaeron Medical Supplies as their distributor for Australia.

Tchang said the deal came from an unexpected source: a referral from a Twitter connection to Victor Donker, COO.

Anaeron already has a large portfolio of equipment as well as connections to hospitals Down Under. After signing a Europe distributor earlier this year, “it’s nice to have something happening in the south,” Tchang said.

In August, Usono signed with a distributor, Mermaid Medical Group in Stenløse, Denmark outside Copenhagen,

“We actually went to Denmark to do sales training 45 days ago,” Tchang said. “Funniest thing was, GE was there and we met their ultrasound sales rep.”

The GE sales person is a former nurse who quit because of repetitive strain injury, which Usono devices are designed to reduce.

Mermaid Medical arranged an ultrasound machine during the sales training so they could give a live demo.

“She was like ‘This is unbelievable.’ So she started doing the sales pitch for us. We’re like, ‘Okay, we’re going to go grab a cup of coffee.’ We didn’t have to say anything!

“It was wonderful.”

Mermaid Medical is exploring the UK market, so the ProbeFix is now used in tests in Liverpool, with more ahead.

“Next to Mermaid, it is very important to collaborate with ultrasound manufacturers and get into their data bases as a third-party supplier.” Tchang said.

Usono met with several companies including new players such as Mindray as well as global tech giants such as Siemens during Medica, the biggest medtech trade fair in the world, Donker said.

Via Mermaid, Usono has contacts in Spain, Italy and Germany. “Our main focus next year: Germany, Belgium and then move into France,” Tchang said. “We get requests from all over the world, but we have to stay focused.”

In October, Usono was awarded Smart Solution Award at the World of Health Care 2017 in The Hague where they presented to 600 healthcare professionals. With this award, the team can join an international trade fair with Task Force Healthcare and Health Holland.

Xycarb Ceramics is building its new 18 million euro headquarters in the Helmond section of Eindhoven.

This is a new international headquarters and production facility for Xycarb, one of Eindhoven’s many ultra-high-tech companies. Part of the multinational tech firm Schunk Group, based in Duisburg, Germany, Xycarb makes components for the semiconductor and opto-electronics industries.

Xycarb has contracted Adriaans Bouwgroep B.V. for the construction of the office building and the production facility, according to a news relase. Hoppenbrouwers Techniek is handling the installation of the electrical and ICT installations. Both projects were designed by Van Den Pauwert Architects BNA in Eindhoven.

The new facility will replace its operations that were destroyed by fire this summer.

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