Dispatches’ Curated Careers 3.0: Yes, there are still cool opportunities even in a pandemic


Economies are reeling and unemployment is up across Europe because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are still hot careers for highly skilled internationals if you know where to look. And one of the best places to look is the deep-tech innovation center of Eindhoven.

Economists see a U-shaped recovery in Europe, if not in the United States, with sectors such as apparel and entertainment driven by latent demand as people have spent months cooped up in their homes with no retail therapy.

The tech sector, though, is always working about five years ahead of conventional businesses. Tech never sleeps, which is good, because hot companies actually thriving in the pandemic such as Netflix, need more and better digital capabilities. Those capabilities connect back to the semi-conductor sector, and that’s Eindhoven’s sweet spot.

JW Player

We’ve written a lot about JW Player. And boy, are they in the right business at the right time.

Or as our contact there told us:

JW Player is doing very well. We have vacancies (and) two extra will come soon for Eindhoven. In these times we are very lucky to be in a sector that is not in the crisis.

Though they’ve remained under the radar, JW Player founder Jeroen Wijering pioneered video on the web a decade ago, the technology that underlies Youtube, for example. Now, his company builds proprietary video platforms and all the gee-whiz analytics and tech to monetize it for huge clients including Vice, Viacom and Sky. In fact, it’s the world’s largest network-independent platform for video delivery and intelligence.

The HQ is in New York, but Wijering himself is here in Eindhoven. If you have the technical chops, this is a growing company with lots of options when it comes to careers.

Software Engineer, Media Processing & Delivery

We are looking for a Software Engineer to join our rapidly growing Media Processing and Delivery team at our New York City headquarters or Eindhoven. Responsible for our Media Transcoding and Delivery Systems, the Media Processing and Delivery team is responsible for the ingest of over 20,000 videos per day, as well as serving nearly 2 billion requests daily for content. Our tech stack includes modern languages and technologies such as: Python, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, S3. We’ve used these technologies to build a variety of modern applications and systems – including building entire pipelines around high volume messaging systems. Our platform also includes a number of containerized services, and we continuously integrate and deploy against our container orchestration service. 

The right candidate will get the opportunity to build highly scalable, performance oriented systems around Media workflows. This means designing the processes and building the APIs, infrastructure, pipelines, testing, monitoring, and all other tooling you feel is necessary to ship code frequently of the highest possible caliber. 

As a member of the Media Processing and Delivery Team, you will:

  • Contribute to the architecture of a production-scale service layer
  • Build features which serve customer-driven product goals
  • Code as part of a highly technical team in a fast paced, agile environment
  • Prototype new ideas and explore new solutions to the growing list of problems the platform solves

You have the skills to be successful in this role if you have:

  • 3-plus years of software development and engineering
  • A degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field; or experience equivalent
  • Proven track record of ownership of maintainable, stable and scalable software
  • Experience with microservices architecture: designing, creating, deploying, testing and monitoring
  • Experience doing test-driven development (TDD) and/or behavior-driven development (BDD)
  • Strong database design and RDBMS concepts, experience doing domain-driven design
  • Strong understanding of source control management systems
  • Strong Unix/Linux skills

It is a plus if you have:

  • Contributed to existing open-source projects as well as your own
  • Experience building scalable systems with cloud infrastructures like AWS or Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience with event-driven or message-driven architecture
  • Knowledge of video encoding, ad networks, content management platforms, and/or streaming protocols
  • Experience with web video
  • Experience with Docker and/or Linux Containers

Other JW Player careers include:

Frontend Engineer
Backend Engineer

About JW Player

For more information, visit And you can apply here.

Careers at HighTechXL deep-tech companies

These are startups from HighTechXL’s most recent venture-building cohort. They formed back in March at FasTrackathon and are based on High Tech Campus Eindhoven.


Deep-tech venture AquaPacer is working with technology developed at Philips, is based on MEMS ultrasound and features a patch placed on the abdomen. The sensor monitors bladder volume and notifies users when they need to hydrate and how much fluid they need.

They are expanding their team and are looking for four key team members:

Hardware Engineer

Software Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

Test Engineer

Send your motivation letter and CV to Namrata Dutta Mazumdar: [email protected]



Optify is a startup in the radiation dosimetry market. The team is developing technology to prevent crucial components from being damaged in the testing phase by over-exposure to radiation.

The Optify system is based on proven technology that is able to detect different kinds of radiation (alpha, beta, gamma, neutrons) and quantify the total dose, independent of dose rate and independent of temperature. Optify is creating this system for automated, real-time, inline X-ray dose monitoring using a revolutionary radiation dose sensor.

They have three open careers listings.

Nuclear physicist/radiation dosimetry expert

Candidates must have:

  • an affinity with light/matter interactions and/or radiation will be an advantage
  • theoretical and practical knowledge of optical measurement devices and fiber optic technology is a plus
  • Knowledge of programming languages such as LabVIEW and/or MATLAB/Python
  • knowledge of multiple physics engineering tools such as Monte Carlo simulations are desired

‍This is a full-time position requiring a minimum of 24 hours a week.

Finance and Subsidy Specialist

In this role, you will provide complete financial services to the whole company, addressing all issues of a financial nature and providing all relevant information to meet external demands.

‍These services may include but are not limited to any of the following:

  • budget setting
  • reporting and control
  • income management
  • financial reporting to external bodies
  • annual accounts preparation
  • debt management
  • preparing subsidy applications, etc.

‍Knowledge of Dutch is desirable.

Business Development and Marketing

In this role, you will evaluate and implement new business strategies that will support and achieve the growth targets demanded by the company’s business plan.

You will constantly explore new business markets, and actively forge pre-client engagement. You must be adept at using social media and leverage it to establish an effective digital presence.

Knowledge of Dutch is desirable but not necessary.

‍If you’re interested in any of these positions, please send an email with your CV to [email protected].

Technical University of Eindhoven

This is the Netherland’s MIT. Well, one of four MITs, the Netherlands’ engineering school – along with Delft, Twente and Groningen – training Europe’s top talents.

Thanks to Shane O’Seasnáin at TU/e for this one.

The Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences at TU/e is looking for a motivated candidate to fill the position of:

Project Officer (0,8 – 1,0FTE)

Are you our new project officer for the research theme Logistics and its Interfaces?

The project officer will work together with the TU/e-wide Innovation Lab, where he or she will form a group with other project officers to exchange experiences and build up knowledge. Research activities also target TU/e cross-disciplinary and cross faculty collaboration research themes EAISI, EIRES and ICMS.

You can see all the many, many details and qualifications for this position on the jobs site and you can apply here. (The jobs description is in English, but the application form is in Dutch, so plug in your Google Translate.)

See more about TU/e in our archives here.

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