Curated careers: These startups/scale-ups have the Netherlands’ coolest tech jobs

(Editor’s note: This post of curated careers at Netherland’s most exciting startups is part of our Tech Tuesday Series.)

There are jobs, and then there are positions of influence, with the power to change lives and advance entire communities. You could feel like a number at a huge, company dedicated to the status quo. Or you could get up every morning and know you have an influential position in the Dutch startup scene.

We’ve aggregated some of the cooler jobs at the most exciting startups.

Aircision hiring after successful test

Okay, we seem to use the word “exciting” a lot. But this really is exciting.

Aircision and TNO recently successfully completed their field tests establishing the first optical wireless link of 10 gigabit per second over 2.5 kilometers. The tests were conducted between the Tower in the TNO Oude Waalsdorperweg facility in the Hague and the Luchtwachttoren in Scheveningen on the coast outside The Hague. This is a step toward developing free space optic ground-to-ground systems that can deliver 100 Gbps and distances of 10 kilometers and beyond.

“This field test is crucial for our mission to build high performing FSO systems that meet the demand for worldwide connectivity,” said Aircision CEO Luis Oliveira. “By demonstrating that our technology works at 10 Gbps and 2.5 km, we are on our way to outperform the technical specifications set by current E-band solutions.”

Aircision is a HighTechXL startup from the 2018 cohort, the venture builder’s first deep-tech cohort. TNO is the Netherlands’ largest and most advanced independent research lab and focuses on nine domains, including the circular economy, infrastructure, information and communications technology, mobility and logistics and security/defense.

Okay, for the exciting part.

Aircision has a number of paid positions open including:

Electronics engineer

Embedded software engineer

Network software engineer

Aircision optics engineer

You reach out to Aircision here, or get more details.

For more on Eindhoven’s 5G efforts, see this post on the new 5G center at High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

HighTechXL is searching for a Director of Technology

Venture builder HighTechXL has been the prime mover in Eindhoven’s startup ecosystem since 2015, producing a number of successful companies including robotics pioneer Accerion, Amber Mobility, recycled plastics innovator Sustonable and Bambi Medical.

In 2018, HighTechXL made a dramatic pivot to deep-tech in partnership with the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, with technology from CERN, the European Space Agency, Philips and several advanced independent research labs including TNO.

Now, they’re looking for a Director of Technology. This is a crucial position, because the director works with the tech scouting team, who liaise with the most advanced labs in Europe assessing new tech HighTechXL, then turn it into startups.

Candidates should have:

• a deep technical background and experience in, for instance, machine building, high-tech equipment development, photonics, medical device development or other disciplines

• an extroverted and upbeat personality with the ability to make friends and influence people. This is a position for that exceptional left-brain, right-brain man or woman who’s both analytical and charismatic … who can excite and motivate people about HighTechXL’s mission.

• a significant, far-reaching professional network in the Netherlands and other countries

• experience in building partnerships and organizing projects

• the cultural latitude necessary to work in a highly diverse company culture where different is good and women rock

• a curiosity about the latest deep-tech trends and an ability to synthesize information quickly

• interest in coaching and supporting startups already in the early stages of technology development with technical expertise, networking and mentoring.

With two other members of the tech team, you are responsible for tech scouting, including assessing which technologies are innovative enough to build teams around and will go into the FasTrackathon.

You have the personality to be the friendly and engaging face of HighTechXL, representing us at Europe’s most advanced knowledge and tech institutes, and you enjoy coaching and supporting startups on technical deliverables as they advance through the nine-month venture building program.

Please send your CV and motivation letter to Esther Peeks: [email protected]

Accerion recruiting a Senior Software Engineer

Robotics engineer Sam Aleksandrov, a native of Bulgaria, is one of several expats at Accerion

Accerion is a fast-growing high-tech company building positioning technology for next-generation autonomous industrial robots. By combining an advanced optical system, embedded C++ software and state-of-the-art processing hardware, our sensor system is able to work without any infrastructure in the surroundings of a robot.

We are looking for a highly motivated Senior Software Engineer to join our team on this adventure!

Our Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for developing and implementing advanced:

  • Robotics, pattern recognition and signal processing algorithms
  • Embedded database systems
  • Communication protocols
  • High-performance, real-time and multi-threaded embedded applications
  • Preferably testing and analyzing your work on actual hardware, sensors and robots

The ideal candidate has the following profile:

  • You have a technical background (BSc/MSc).
  • You are a “system thinker,” able to understand and connect the dots of the whole system.
  • You have a hands-on approach.
  • You have five or more years of relevant experience in the field of mobile robotics, computer vision and/or embedded systems and software.
  • Extensive experience with C++ is a must.
  • Experience with Agile is a plus.
  • You are a pro-active problem solver who can work independently.
  • You are able to communicate well with your team members.
  • You have a passion for technology (robotics, sensors, tinkering)!

Our ideal team member gets excited about:

  • Adventure in a high-tech robotics company, as part of enthusiastic and driven team
  • Technical (hardware and software) challenges, creative solutions and cutting-edge technology
  • Building a unique product with great value for the industry with customers all over the world
  • Taking on different roles in the projects, learning new skills and continuously developing yourself

Why work for Accerion?

  • Work on an informal, dynamic, international and highly skilled team with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Work on new and unique technology and build products for the mobile robotics market
  • Work in our beautifully designed and easily accessible office by car and train (1 min. walk) in the city of Venlo
  • Opportunity for on-the-job competence and personal development
  • Flexible working hours and bonus scheme

What’s it like to work at Accerion? Read more here.

Send your CV to [email protected]

AlphaBeats is recruiting beta testers

The tech startup world is stressful, to be sure. But AlphaBeats is here for you. Chronic stress is the number one health issue in the world, according to countless global studies. It’s linked to the six leading causes of death, including heart disease, cancer and accidents. The AlphaBeats team at LUMO Labs on High Tech Campus Eindhoven is dedicated to fighting stress and to making your life better.

“We have a unique proposition,” says Han Dirkx, AlphaBeats CEO. “To reduce stress, people only have to open our app and listen to their own favorite music for 10 minutes every day.” The underlying technology was developed over eight years at electronics giant Philips, but the technology is also backed up by years of research conducted at Tilburg University.

AlphaBeats has the exclusive global license for the technology. They’re customizing the original Philips algorithm for more personalized results, incorporating e-learning into the technology to further individualize the experience. “We have our own patent family now,” Han said.

AlphaBeats trains your brain using biofeedback. As you listen to your favorite music, the algorithm detects your stress level. That biofeedback is fed into the algorithm and tweaks the fidelity of the music you’re listening to.

This is when the magic happens.

This “tweaking” decreases beta brain waves, which are higher when you’re stressed, and increases alpha waves. AlphaBeats puts you in “alphamode,” helping you relax by listening to music – any kind of music – for just 10 minutes per day.

For the past 18 months, they’ve been refining the product, working on the app design, and building a list of 1200-plus beta testers. But there’s more to do. AlphaBeats’ largest subscriber group is tech-oriented and interested in reducing stress, of course. “But it’s almost 70 percent male … not what we expected,” Han says. Research shows women are more affected by stress. Co-founder Jur Vellema notes that women are more likely to participate in beta tests, “but it could be we just have more males in our social network.”

AlphaBeats needs beta testers’ insights into the efficacy of technology and the user experience.

You can sign up here.

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