Curated Careers: Fast-growing tech scale-ups have some of Europe’s best opportunities

(Editor’s note: This curated careers post about Europe’s hottest tech scale-ups hiring talent is part of Dispatches’ Tech Tuesday series. Dispatches covers tech because the sector is the major expat employer of highly skilled internationals. We receive no remuneration for this series.)

Our job at Dispatches is to tell you, the the English-speaking highly skilled international, about careers at the hottest tech startups and scale-ups … companies you might never have heard of but ones you should know. These jobs require English fluency at the business level but some rate fluency in the local language a plus.

We’ve culled through the current list of fast-growing tech scale-ups, curating careers at companies which have raised significant funding rounds. Some we work with directly, but others we’ve only read about through AngelList, PitchBook and Anand Sanwal’s CB Insights newsletters.

So, what do we have for this week?

Artificial intelligence-powered software is the new early investor favorite, with AI startups and scaleups raising billions across the globe.

Brighter AI

Based in Berlin, Brighter modestly bills itself as “Europe’s hottest AI startup.” And their anonymization software is designed to do things such as blurring faces in crowds, license plates of cars for companies that gather data in public places. In other worlds, preventing our world from turning into Brave New World while still realizing the promise of digital data.

For instance, Deutsche Bahn uses the technology to monitor rider volume, avoiding overcrowding without violating passenger privacy.

Now, it has a mind-bending new concept – reverse deep fakes. Instead of putting your face on someone else and claiming you made a porno or started a riot, Brighter does the opposite – takes your face and puts it on a fake person so the real you can’t be tracked.

Got it?

Because as Forbes reporter John Koetsier notes in this post about Brighter, “Are we truly free if we’re constantly being watched?”

Brighter has at least 9 job openings in Berlin including:

Cloud Architect

Job details:

  • You will work on the design and further development of the existing cloud landscape.
  • You are responsible for the scalability of compute-intensive workloads.
  • You guide the team on the cloud Architecture.
  • You work across teams to improve problem visibility and provide tangible solutions to problems. 
  • You reduce cycle times and introduce continuous delivery.
  • You will guide technical projects from the beginning of conception through implementation and ensure handover to operations during the testing phase.

Hard skills include:

  • 3-plus years of professional experience building resilient, scalable systems and troubleshooting whole-system issues – a degree is not required, but proven experience is.
  • several years of experience with Microsoft Azure and the associated services.
  • solid experience in the design and implementation of cloud architectures.
  • several years of experience implementing cloud infrastructure solutions, specifically IaC with Terraform.
  • a solid understanding of Docker and Kubernetes.
  • business fluent English skills. German is an advantage.

You can see more details and apply here.

Computer vision/deep learning engineer

As a Deep Learning Engineer, you will design and implement deep learning based computer vision systems for commercial applications.

Hard skills include:

  • 3-plus years of experience in a similar position – college degree desirable but not required – but proven experience.
  • experience with the entire AI based feature development.
  • very experienced in dealing with deep learning frameworks, e.g. B. Tensorflow 2.0, Pytorch. 
  • able to implement the latest DL model using existing API and open source libraries in a short time.
  • a good understanding of the common deep learning models for object detection and segmentation.
  • You are familiar with the agile software development process, CI/CD workflow, ticket management, code review, version control, etc.

You can see more details and apply here.

Axelera AI

While this is technically a startup (2021), it’s far closer to a scale-up in that Axelera already has a beta product and 32 people (the last time we looked) on the team, including 23 PhDs. Axelera has recruited senior engineers and developers from global companies and research centers, including Intel, Qualcomm, IBM, and imec, according to the company website. In addition to its headquarters on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Axelera has R&D operations at Leuven University in Belgium and Zurich.

So clearly, this whatever it is skipped the two-founders-in-a-garage stage.

You can see more about Axelera here.

The company has dozens of openings, with the goal of growing to 200 employees by the end of this year.

They include:


As VP Engineering you will define the R&D road map and key results overseeing with the CTO the activities of the research team to define the future chip architecture and features and the path to production, according to the Axelera website. You will be responsible for the complete chip development from concept to production, help identify and recruit the necessary people and budgeting all the necessary investments. So this is a major role.

Your hard skills should include:

  • a master’s degree in Electronics, and PhD is a plus
  • a minimum 10-year experience in complex chip design and computing architecture
  • Five years’ experience in people and team management
  • Proven successful experience in chip tape-out on 16/12 nm or smaller process node

You can apply here.


Your role is to design and develop fast and accurate simulation models for different Axelera AI sub-blocks and products and connect them to third-party models in order to perform system level performance simulations.

Hard skills include:

  • Sc/PhD. in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering /Electrical Engineering
  • 3-5 years of experience in modeling hardware with SystemC
  • Experience with transaction-level-modelling in SystemC is a plus
  • Background in computer architectures, digital design, interfacing protocols
  • Good software development skills
  • Proficiency in C++ and Python

You can apply here.

Photo by Stijn Dijkstra for Dispatches


This isn’t a pure AI play, and we’ve written a lot about these guys, but they just keep growing. And they recently raised $100 million. JW Player was founded by Jeroen Wijering in Eindhoven lo’ these many years ago. Jeroen is the guy who figured out how to code video into websites. Now, the company is based in New York City with global clients using their proprietary video platform, but he’s still here with a backend team.

JW Player is looking for people for their operations in the UK, the Netherlands and the United States. Thanks to Anna Crossetti in Eindhoven for keeping us in the loop. JW Player has about 35 jobs openings from New York to India.


JW Player is hiring backend engineers across its growing global organization. JW Player’s Engineering team comprises of various groups such as Data Pipelines, Media Processing & Delivery, APIs, and advertising. Depending on the team, you will be exposed to multiple unique projects where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate and grow your technical skills. 

As a Backend Engineer, you will: 

  • Collaborate in a cross-functional team focused around our customer experience
  • Contribute to innovative technology and architecture of a global production-scale service layer
  • Use popular languages like Python, Go or Java in day-to-day coding
  • Make material impact on streaming products, video encoding and media processing services
  • Participate in code reviews with fellow engineering peers

Requirements for this role:

  • 3+ years of backend software development and engineering
  • Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related field; or experience equivalent
  • Experience designing, implementing, and managing distributed systems that are highly available, scalable and fault tolerant
  • Experience with micro-services architecture: Designing, creating, deploying, testing and monitoring
  • Exposure and understanding to Object Oriented Design Patterns
  • Insight to database design and RDBMS concepts and domain-driven designs
  • Solid understanding of source control management system
  • Substantial experience with Unix/Linux

You can see all the details here and apply.


About the Front-End Engineer role

  • Work in a cross-functional team, including back-end, data science, design and product management, all focused on our customer experience.
  • Work on products and teams that service media publishers and broadcasters
  • Build new features for our customers and write automated tests to make sure they work.
  • Participate in code reviews with your peers.
  • Work with an array of front-end technologies such as React, TypeScript, SCSS, build-tools and more.
  • Own feature development, releases and performance monitoring.

Requirements for this role:

  • A minimum of 3 years experience working on front-end projects.
  • Practical knowledge of (vanilla) JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Experience turning static designs into usable and interactive web applications
  • Portfolio, Github profile, or list of sites and features you’ve worked on.
  • Familiarity with modern javascript build scaffolding such as dependency management (NPM/yarn) and bundlers

Bonus points:

  • Familiarity with React, TypeScript, ESNext or SASS/Less
  • Experience with automating (Dockerized) deployments for web applications
  • Experience with modern web accessibility best practices
  • Experience developing and running automated tests on front-end code

You can apply here on the JW Player website.


As a Senior Data Scientist at JW Player, you will be responsible for research and development, product analytics, and running production machine-learning models that make tens of millions of predictions every day. You will improve our existing products, drive sound decision making, and develop new data products that bring value to our customers in both the video publishing and video advertising spaces.

As a Senior Data Scientist, you will:

  • Develop and support predictive models that are used millions of times daily
  • Leverage data to research, envision, and implement improvements to JW products
  • Envision and define requirements for new data sources
  • Collaborate with engineers to envision and build end to end solutions
  • Plan, carry out, and analyze controlled experiments
  • Influence the direction of the business by effectively communicating results to cross functional groups
  • Provide expertise on machine learning concepts for the broader Data Team 

Requirements of the role:

  • 3+ years’ experience of bringing data science products into production
  • An advanced degree in an analytical field such as (but not limited to!) statistics, computer science, mathematics, operations research, engineering, natural sciences, economics
  • Fluency in Python and libraries such as pandas, numpy, scipy, & scikitlearn
  • Deep understanding of statistical modeling, machine learning
  • High proficiency with SQL and relational databases
  • Proven data visualization skills
  • Good organization skills, ability to lead multidisciplinary projects
  • An ability to tell stories with data, including for non-technical audiences

You can see more details and apply here via LinkedIn.

Other opportunities from the latest AngelList newsletter:

• London-based HURR aims to be the Airbnb of fashion. The company raised a $5.4 million Seed round led by one of Europe’s largest VC firms, Octopus Ventures, to expand its fashion rental marketplace. You can apply here.

• With operations in London, Lisbon and New York City, Virtuoso raised a $13.3 million Series A to enable non-coders and coders alike to write automated software tests with simple language. The company’s software testing platform uses machine learning and robotic process automation to make testing simpler and faster. They have openings in London and India. You can see them all here.

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