BounceSpace pitch contest: Where fans throw (faux) money at your startup idea

So, you have this insanely great idea for a startup. Maybe you’ve even pulled together a team on the way to creating an MVP (minimum viable product).

You’re going to need early stage capital.

Which means you’re going to have to learn how to pitch potential investors.

Do we have the event for you.

On Wed., 27 September, BounceSpace in Eindhoven is holding a pitching contest and training event.

Pitch coach Mark Robinson will help you perfect your presentation style.

In a TEDx presentation (above) Robinson explains how very smart people weaken worthy presentations, killing them “stone dead” by an over-reliance on tools such as PowerPoint.

Even if you don’t want to pitch, you can come “throw money” at the best pitch, said Nina Maurer, BounceSpace community manager and host of the event. Yes, this is an audience-participation event, so you get to vote for the best pitches by awarding your favorite startup stacks of funny money, Maurer said.

The event is open to all startups in all categories including high-tech and consumer-facing digital.

“Come and watch. Get to know the startup community; plus it’s a free networking event with drinks and food,” she said.

Maurer is also an entrepreneur who founded SpeedyRating, a tablet-based application startup that helps brick-and-mortar retailers get instant real-time digital feedback from customers about products and operations.

The event, scheduled for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., is an opportunity to network with Eindhoven’s vibrant, growing startup community as well as tour BounceSpace, a three-story complex of shared work space, private offices, restaurant and – in great American startup tradition of playing as hard as you work – a trampoline.

No, really.

BounceSpace takes it name from the trampoline that’s dead center in the middle of the ground floor. This is the company’s second location, with the first in Amsterdam.

Tenants in Eindhoven include Uber. Yes, that Uber. New York City-based video platform JW Player also has it Netherlands operations there.

Companies that have started at BounceSpace in Eindhoven include SendCloud, a cloud-based SaaS that allows companies to ship more efficiently and Ace & Tate, the online fashion eyeglasses retailer that’s in full break-out mode across Europe.

So, BounceSpace already has a reputation for innovation. Will you join the tradition?

Pitches are limited to 5 minutes.

If you want to pitch, reach out to Nina Maurer: [email protected].

BounceSpace will provide the equipment for Prezi and PowerPoint and pitch deck presentations.

As of Wednesday, 20 September, there were 9 people signed up to pitch.

You can see the full list of who’s pitching here, and you sign up before the event reaches maximum attendance.

The details:

Pitching Event, Wed,. 27 September 2017

BounceSpace, Bogert 1, 5612 LX Eindhoven

About BounceSpace:

BounceSpace owners want to connect technology and design in the region under four core values:

  1. Serving community
  2. Enhancing productivity
  3. Fueling creativity
  4. Making things happen and getting results

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