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Meet Dr. Stas: Backbone Chiropractic opening Eindhoven’s first expat-focused practice

The approach to expat health at Backbone is unique in the Netherlands and Europe.

First, Backbone’s Dr. Anton Stas has created a chiropractic clinic focused on prevention. Dr. Stas’ practice is built on his experience that the spine and nervous system hold the key to the body’s incredible self-healing potential.


Second, Dr. Stas is opening Backbone Eindhoven, Holland’s first and only expat-focused clinic on 7 November at Jeroen Boschlaan 2c, near the De Laak neighborhood.

Backbone is already accepting new patients, and we’ll have more details on the new expat practice in an upcoming post.

Dr. Stas’ philosophy begins with recognizing how a healthy spine and nervous system are key to a healthy life and body. His approach is, you don’t need to suffer from back, neck, or hip problems to check in with a chiropractor.

Think about it: We have dental and medical check-ups several times a year. So why not visit a chiropractor for a check-up so your body is ready to tackle all the challenges of everyday life?

Backbone treats a wide range of patients including:

Pregnant women. Research has shown 50 percent of pregnant women experience spinal problems during their pregnancies. This can be caused by hormonal changes such as the stretching of ligaments and greater laxity of joints, and the growing weight of the baby altering posture and center of gravity.

• Athletes: Many world-class and Olympic athletes, as well as professional stars and teams have used regular chiropractic care to boost their performance, including Rafael Nadal, Jorge Lorenzo, the Spanish cycling Team Coast, AC Milan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and  the late Muhammad Ali, to name a few.

Older people: The aging process can lead to many problems, and by using gentle and effective techniques, chiropractic can help you maintain the strength and performance of your immune system to allow your body to effectively self-heal.

Why chiropractic is important

Chiropractors specialize in making sure the nervous system functions optimally. Why is this important?

Your nervous system is the most important system in your body. It regulates your body’s self-healing ability and is essential for your health. Chiropractors improve your nervous system without the use of medication, injections, or operations.

Adjustments, or corrections, are done by hand to put specific, painless pressure on the vertebra or other joints to influence the nervous system.

Dr. Anton Stas

You are in good hands with Dr. Stas and his colleagues, including Associate Chiropractor D.C De Vreede, who go above and beyond to make you feel welcome in their practice and to help you improve your health.

Dr. Stas is from Belgium and obtained his Masters of Science degree in motor rehabilitation and respiratory physical therapy from the elite University of Leuven – Belgium’s highest-ranked university and one of the highest rated in Europe – before moving to the United Kingdom to study chiropractic medicine.

He became a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1996 after finishing his studies at the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth.

Thanks to his time in the United Kingdom, he speaks perfect English in addition to his fluency in both Dutch and French.

About Backbone Valkenswaard

The original Backbone (Ruggensteun in Dutch) is located in Valkenswaard, a town just south of Eindhoven, and is easily accessible by both car and public transport. The bus stop is just a 3-minute walk from the practice which also has a private car park.

There will be a free spine check Sat. 4 November in Valkenswaard as part of a screening effort in the Netherlands sponsored by the Netherlands Chiropractors Association. You can schedule your free screening and 15-minute consultation by email: [email protected]

You may also call the Valkenswaard offic at 040 201 3553 or the Eindhoven office at 040 711 7282.

Backbone has all the latest technology, including full body and foot scans and offers consults to adults, children, and babies.

Before or after your consult you can take a seat in the massage chair and take a moment out of your day to relax.


Backbone has an offer for Dispatches readers: The first visit and intake is normally 97 euros.

Notify them you’re a Dispatches reader and the fee is 47 euros. The appointment includes a private consultation, physical exam, and a muscle, stress and heart rate scan. The offer is valid until December 15, 2017.

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