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All AI, all the time: AI Innovation Center reveals event lineup for fall 2023

(Editor’s note: This post on AI events at the AI Innovation Center is courtesy of High Tech Campus Eindhoven. It is part of our Tech Tuesday series. Dispatches covers tech because so many of our highly skilled internationals are engineers or developers.)

Anything AI is the hottest ticket in town no matter what town you’re talking about. Eindhoven has one huge advantage over those other towns – an AI Innovation Center on the largest R&D campus in Europe.

From meet-ups and workshops to summits and trainings, we’ve compiled a list of seven AI events to add to your calendar. In addition, the AI Innovation Center will organize an Open Office Day for those interested in joining for a workday.

All events are free, but you have to register in advance as space is limited.

Foundation Model Operations: How to bring Generative AI to production with MLOps 21 September| AI Innovation Center | organized by ML6 and AWS

Join the workshop by ML6 and AWS to gain insights into the current landscape of AI/ML, the importance of MLOps, and how its adoption can enhance success in your ML journey. 

Learn about the Generative AI landscape, and explore possible strategies and roadmaps. Additionally, the ML6 team will explain how Fondant can help you create high-quality datasets to train or fine-tune foundation models.‍

You can register here.

AI Meet-Up Startup Edition & Open Office Day 27 September | AI Innovation Center | organized by AI Innovation Center

It’s time for a new AI Meet-Up. 

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This edition will be focused on AI startups as the program will provide insights both from a startup perspective and from an investor’s perspective.

Join the AI Center for a talk by one of its residents, Rogier Warnawa from Resleeve about his startup journey so far. 

During a panel discussion with three investors, we will delve into the methods used for evaluating startups and their business models including the key differentiating factors.

You can register here.

Open Office Day 27 September (same day as the AI Meet-Up) | AI Innovation Center.

You’re invited to spend a day in a workspace surrounded by AI enthusiasts and skilled data engineers – all passionate about data and AI – within an ecosystem that thrives on innovation. On 27 September, the AI Innovation Center invites you to spend your workday there. Join for lunch and of course, the AI Meet-Up in the afternoon.

You can register here.

Exploring Generative AI: From Hands-On to Production 24 October | AI Innovation Center | Organized by Rackspace Technology


Whether you’re an AI practitioner or someone curious about the creative applications of AI, this event promises to be a thought-provoking and informative experience. Join Rackspace for an insightful evening as they delve into the world of generative AI, exploring its applications from hands-on use cases to scaling it up for production-level impact, learn from experts, and connect with fellow innovators!

You can register here.

AI Summit Brainport 2023, 2 November | Evoluon | Organized by AI Hub Brainport, Provincie Noord-Brabant and EAISI


This is arguably the biggest AI event of the year in Europe. The AI Innovation Center is again hosting the expert track during the AI Summit Brainport 2023 on 2 November.

During the expert track, participants will dive into both the strategic and practical elements of transforming businesses and how to apply AI at scale. This year’s edition of the Summit (with the theme Human-Centered AI) will take place in the Evoluon in Eindhoven.

You can register here.

Getting the most out of AI with open source and Kubernetes with Red Hat  November 23 | AI Innovation Center | Organized by Red Hat and AI Innovation Center


Join the AI Innovation Center for an interactive session and afternoon filled with discussion and innovative technology as they explore what open source has to offer in the space of AI based on the foundation of Kubernetes. The event will explore the strengths and challenges that open-source innovation brings to the enterprise and look at an opinionated approach to getting AI into production by Red Hat and Starburst.

You can register here.

Discovering Generative AI and Foundation Models with AWS December 14 | AI Innovation Center | Organized by AWS


2022 was a significant year for generative AI. Startups that built products using generative models managed to attract funding in a challenging market, and major tech companies started integrating generative models into their mainstream products.

This hands-on workshop by AWS will concentrate on the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing generative AI in organizations.

You can register here.

Register here for alerts about upcoming events at the AI Innovation Center.


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