Unleash your entrepreneur: HighTechXL Info Session coming up 11 February

(Editor’s note: Dispatches covers technology, startups and innovation centers because that’s where our highly skilled internationals tend to work. That includes HighTechXL, where expat team members and staffers represent at least a dozen countries. If you’d like to join a team, email Nikki : [email protected])

Interested in joining a deep-tech venture? If you’re driven by innovation and have a deep love for deep-tech, we invite you to consider joining a venture team at HighTechXL, supported by the Eindhoven Startup Alliance.

We carefully screen and select key startup role candidates to join our venture teams. We’re searching for CEOs, CBOs and CTOs to become co-founders and begin our nine-month venture-building program.

The first step is joining our formal Info Session, scheduled for 11 February.

The Info Session is where top talent can come to get all the information about joining a HighTechXL deep-tech startup … and all the technology behind our venture-building program.

The date: 11 February 2020

The time: from 4 p.m. to 5:30 pm.

The place: HighTechXL, Building 27, High Tech Campus Eindhoven

We’ll have all the information you need to know about:

• how we scout for deep-tech

• advanced technologies available for the next cohort

• how the venture building program works

• key positions we’re recruiting now to join teams for the next program

• important dates and next steps

You can sign up here on Eventbrite.

(Video courtesy Bert-Jan Woertman)

Here’s more detail on the info we’ll cover in the Info Session:

How it all works

HighTechXL begins the venture-building process by sourcing technologies from research institutions such as CERN, TNO and Philips. We meet with the technology transfer officers and identify advanced technologies around which we can build teams and form a business. 

Tech assessment

After a thorough assessment of each advanced technology in which experts score the technology from the institute on patent position, novelty, manufacturability and knowledge transfer, we are ready to explore applications for each technology.  


During this reverse-hackathon, a gathering of entrepreneurs, technical experts, co-founders and mentors use their brainpower to generate creative and bright ideas. They consider the question: Where can this technology really add value or solve problems? 

Core team formation

This hackathon is also the first step in team formation. Teams ideally consist of dedicated CEO, CBO (Chief Business Officer) and CTO (Co-Founders). Teams are supported by mentors, volunteers, experts and interns.

Interested in becoming a co-founder?

The startups to be founded are looking for CEO’s, CBO’s and CTO’s to turn advanced technologies from institutions such as CERN, TNO and Philips into solutions that the market – and humanity – are waiting for. 

The C-profiles in a startup are able to deal with uncertainty, setbacks and changing insights. They are resilient and able to adapt. They are dedicated to making the startup a success, benefiting from the support and coaching offered during the program and from the network of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance (ASML, Philips, EY, BOM and High Tech Campus). 

After the first three months of the venture building program, your team should be able to prove the business case you have developed is available and that your startup should advance to the next phase, becoming co-founders of the startup and owning 60% of the company. 

Here is an overview of important characteristics of each of the profiles:

Chief Executive Officer

You have a keen business mind and are able to translate your vision into actions. You love to lead your team in the right direction. You respect your team members for their individual qualities and make sure each of them is able to use those qualities in their respective roles.

See detailed information here on the HighTechXL landing page.

Chief Business Officer

You are business-minded, and you are able to see the opportunities in your market. You engage with others to help them see the possibilities as well. You are customer-centered and market-focused, aware of how and where your startup can add value.

See detailed information here on the HighTechXL landing page.

Chief Technology Officer

You have a technical background and, because of your knowledge, you are the main contact person for the knowledge institution. You are able to ask the right questions, to get the information needed from the knowledge institution and ensure your team can progress. You are able to work together with your team members to turn technology into solutions or applications.

See detailed information here on the HighTechXL landing page.

Specific options for CTO roles:

You have knowledge of Photonics and material processing, preferably in reactive ion etching. Optical modeling knowledge will be useful. (Space Technology)

You have knowledge of Photonics and experience in characterizing and handling photonic chips. Data processing capabilities will be useful. (Researchers at ESA and Politecnico di Bari developed this technology.)

You have knowledge of flexible electronics/sensors, production processes and data processing. (TNO Technology)

You have knowledge of ultrasound systems, their applications and material science. Data processing knowledge will be useful. (Philips Technology)

If this all sounds like fun and just the kind of adventure you’re looking for, send your CV to: [email protected]

About HighTechXL/Eindhoven Startup Alliance:

HightechXL is the Netherlands’ premier deep-tech accelerator. HighTechXL is an initiative of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance with ASML, Philips, NTS Group, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, ABN AMRO Bank, Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM) and EY/HVG as its founding members.

Read more about HighTechXL here.

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