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Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey in Paris: ‘Vacation’ is just an excuse to scout out my next expat destination

Once upon a time, when I still travelled normally (when I still travelled!), I did things everybody does on holiday: I went to museums; I gawped at famous buildings; I ate in well-known but over-priced restaurants and carried guidebooks around with me. Those were the days before I became an expat.

Forget the beach … real estate offices, next stop

On my last overseas trip, from which I returned the day before I was placed under strict lockdown in Paris, I went to Cape Town. That southern city had been on my to-visit list for a very long time, and I was so excited to finally see the city and its surroundings. On this occasion, I had a to-see list, because I was not only on holiday, but also had a few commissions for travel articles, so I knew which sights to see and which restaurants to visit.


The minute I was off the leash and I was on my own free time, you know what I did?

• I looked in real estate windows.

• I searched supermarkets for products you really don’t need on holidays, such as certain ingredients, cosmetic products, favourite chocolates, even dog food.

• I bought local magazines and examined pay rates for freelance writers.

• When I was driven anywhere in a trusty Uber, I surveyed neighbourhoods as to facilities, safety, closeness to the airport and beaches.

• When I visited a café and found the choices were good, I made a mental note to try the other items “next time.”

• I even noted a dental clinic, for goodness sake.

You never know … a vacay visit might be the beginning of a new life

Typical behaviour of a tourist? I think not. Basically, I was scouting out the place as to its “liveability.” Instead of behaving like tourist I should have been, blithely oblivious to “real-life,” I was being an expat who was just checking out a good place to live and work.

Because, you never know, right?

And this has been happening ever since, maybe not the first time I moved abroad, but probably from country two or three. I guess it started happening once I had realized that this was the life I led, and lead for decades to come, a roaming nomad, not necessarily without roots, but with aerial roots. Easily transplantable, and happy to try out any new place.

I have always loved to travel and visited more than 90 countries so far. I also really love living abroad and changing my address every few years. I get twitchy and restless when I start knowing a place too well. Itchy feet, wanderlust, Fernweh, call it what you may, but in an ideal world, I would not just like to visit each and every country in the world, but live in each one for a while as well.

So, I travel and scout out places. Not that it affects my enjoyment of visiting a new destination; au contraire, I feel that I probably get more out of my way of travelling than I would have done in the old days.

Before becoming an expat.

I might miss the odd history museum, but ask me where to get the best fresh produce, cheap take-aways or superb kitchen wares and I am your girl.

I sit in cafes and soak up the atmosphere in select areas. I look at the people, the buildings, the shops, the cultural offerings, the day-to-day life of people actually living it.

I know where the international schools are even if we now don’t need those anymore. I know the closest vet to my chosen quarter. I even know
where my husband’s office would be located.


But coming back home and being interrogated by family and friends as to our holiday, I sometimes fall sadly short. No, I did not go and see the stained-glass window of that famous church. I also seem to have missed that popular day-trip out to the game reserve. The important dates and names from the local history seems to have passed me by.

But I do know where to get my hair-dye and which vineyard delivers locally. And that is true for the last 20 countries I visited recently.

So, am I a bad traveller? Or am I just a normal expat? Either way, I have chosen my area to live in Cape Town. Lovely little area, full of cafes and shops, with perfect access to the city center, the beaches … and the airport.

Just in case.

About the author:

Ulrike Lemmin-Woolfrey is a freelance travel writer, guidebook author and serial expat. Having lived in seven countries on three continents and two hemispheres, she is currently based in Paris, France. 

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