Passport jobs (updated): Luxoft, Daimler in talent search for new Berlin R&D center and much more

If you’re a highly skilled international looking for a career in one of Europe’s most fabled innovation centers, you’ve come to the right place. We just got a news release from Robert Maccabe at Luxoft with a really big development in Berlin.

Swiss/Russian automotive software supplier Luxoft Holding just committed resources to an R&D center in Berlin that will work on software services for Daimler AG, the Munich-based auto giant.

Luxoft is collaborating with MBition GmbH, a wholly owned Daimler subsidiary to open a research and development center in Berlin to spur innovation and deliver software services for future Daimler vehicles.

Here’s the really big news for our highly skilled internationals: 

The new research and development center is still looking for QA Automation Engineers with expertise in Python; Manual QA Engineers, with DevOps principles knowledge; Software Developers with Linux Embedded Expertise, C++, Qt and Tools and Automation Engineer, with Jenkins, Git and Unix systems knowledge. Employees can expect an attractive social package and options for relocation.

There’s more information for candidates here.

This is a serious commitment.

At the new hub, Luxoft has committed more than 100 engineering, software, hardware and design specialists working to help develop state-of-the-art software for next-gen vehicles, according to the release. Maccabe said the hub is already “fully operational … there are at least 100 currently – we are continuing to invest in hiring in Berlin for automotive. It’s a key target area for growth.”

Why Berlin?

“Berlin is at the forefront of innovation in the automotive sector,” said Alwin Bakkenes, managing director of Luxoft Automotive. “This partnership presents an opportunity for progressive, forward-thinking software developers to join the mobility revolution and shape how the next generation of drivers interact with cars. This is an exciting time to work in Berlin and we look forward to working closely with Daimler to co-create the smart technologies of tomorrow.”

The new center is based in Berlin’s co-working office, Mindspace, and focuses on mobility services and digital vehicle software. Developers are working to figure out how drivers and passengers interact with the autonomous cars of the future.

About Luxoft:

Luxoft is a global IT service provider of innovative technology solutions to multinational companies in the financial services, automotive, communications, and healthcare & life sciences sectors. Luxoft has more than 12,900 staff across 42 cities in 21 countries within five continents, with its operating headquarters office in Zug, Switzerland.

Philips never stops innovating … or hiring

We just got back from Open Doors Day at High Tech Campus Eindhoven – part of Dutch Technology Week – which for us included our first tour of a Philips building on High Tech Campus, the giant research park in Eindhoven.


The Amsterdam-based electronics company long ago shifted from consumer products toward healthcare equipment and lighting. Recently, Philips Lighting re-branded itself as Signify. Philips Healthcare is the sole remaining flag.

At open doors day, we saw the latest diagnostic and clinical equipment, including advances in molecular pathology and new devices such as GPS-supported target therapy that allows physicians to guide microscopic ultrasound sensors.

What we found most interesting is the Philips technology meant to allow patients to see crucial treatment data including dashboards and data visualization tools. Philips equipment retrieves historical data from the providers’ clinical database to provide analysis of similar patients to assist oncologists with treatment decisions.

The idea is analytical comparisons and more personalized care are better … the opposite of the clinical approach in the United States, which is designed to cut the patient out of the information loop.

This is a company that not only is hiring like crazy, it’s a company that spins out a lot of companies including semiconductor giant ASML and 3-D printing innovator Shapeways. So you might come to Eindhoven for a job and end up in a startup that conquers the world.

Here are some of the most interesting jobs just posted … and there are LOT of new jobs on the careers website – we counted more than 2,000 openings – 117 jobs just in engineering – from China to Europe to South Africa to South America.

Scientist Artificial Intelligence, Eindhoven, (posted 16 July)

We are looking for a candidate to join the Data Science department of Philips Research to work on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, including machine learning and combining data-driven and knowledge-based approaches, which will be used/integrated into Philips products and services. The candidate should have knowledge and experience in the broad area of artificial intelligence, including machine clearing and symbolic reasoning, with the focus on explainable and verifiable AI (e.g. explaining AI models.)

Designer Mechatronics, Eindhoven (posted 3 July)

Use your engineering expertise to model, design and implement some of the world’s most innovative medical products. Your contribution can range from early customer contacts, project definition and concept creation to Mechatronics Design of new products or modifications to existing products.

Clinical Cloud Architect – AI, Eindhoven, (Posted on 29 June)

The Health Suite Insights PlatformPhilips HealthSuite Insights platform delivers a set of tools and technologies to address the advancing adoption of analytics and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

That’s just a tiny sampling. See all Philips openings here.

Uber is building flying taxis in Paris. No, really.

Uber announced earlier this year the city where the ride-sharing/ride/haling concept began a decade ago is the same city where the San Francisco-based company will build its flying cabs.

That’s right … flying cabs. To be exact, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

Uber chose Paris for its Advanced Technologies Center Paris because of “its strong history of research and development, world-class engineers and a unique role in aviation worldwide,” according to the news release.  ATCP will be Uber’s first R&D hub outside of North America. During the next five years, the company plans to invest 20 million euros into developing new technologies and capabilities.

So far, that hasn’t translated into any new tech job openings in Paris as far as we can see, though there are about 25 open positions. (Apparently, the company is gearing up to expand Uber Eats in Paris, with several positions with the word “launch.”)

You can see them all here.

The release states ATCP will open this autumn and start hiring “top engineering, machine learning, and computer vision talent. Research will focus on capabilities across airspace management, autonomy, real-time communication networks, energy storage, and charging systems.”

We’re thinking you need to get those CVs in the digital mail sooner rather than later.

Uber also plans to work with European city planners and regulators because we’re thinking the first thing passengers will say is, “Once around the Eiffel Tower, then home, Jacque.”

YNTL recruitment for women in tech

Now, this is interesting.

One of the perpetual knocks on the technology industry, especially the digital side, is that it’s dominated by tech bros, the jocks and frat boys who populate the ecosystems of The Valley, Austin, Boston and New York.

So Eindhoven-based entrepreneur and former model Nadia Dekkers has founded YNTL, a recruitment agency with a focus on female tech talent. YNTL’s motto is, “We are not here just to play the field, but to level it.” YNTL stands for “You Need Tech Ladies,” and the mission is to help companies seeking diversity to find it through their network.

From the “meet the founder” page of the YNTL website:

YNTL was started with a motto: “Empower the women around you.” I personally believe that when we women help one another, we can make incredible things happen. Flying around the globe to skyrocket our careers while taking on new adventures and all that with a feeling of connection.

The perfect concept in the perfect city? Well, Eindhoven is home base for several high-tech multinationals and dozens of suppliers. So, stay tuned ….

STATION F in Paris hiring a director of co-living

There’s a new trend developing in the startup world. WeWork and even Station F are moving from co-working spaces into co-living spaces in cities such as Paris and Berlin where there are major housing shortages.

Station F is looking for a director of co-living. The job entails overseeing the entire Station F co-living site, which is a residence in Ivry-sur-Seine housing 600 entrepreneurs. You can see the listing here.

From the info posted on LinkedIn:


Handle the arrival, installation and satisfaction of all residents
Continually seek to improve the current experience based on satisfaction metrics and feedback
Mediate any potential conflicts amongst residents
Oversee the organization and commercial aspects of on-site events
Manage a small team of internal employees and external service providers responsible for the well-being of the community and facilities


1-2 years experience minimum
Previous experience handling space rental and living facilities (student housing, apart-hotel, or similar facility)
Previous management experience
Bilingual English, French – third language a plus
Extremely autonomous
Crazy organized


To apply, please answer these questions and copy the answers in the “cover letter”:

1) You have to handle the arrival of about 400 entrepreneurs in the most efficient way possible. You have groups of 6 people sharing 1 apartment, each with their own room. How would you organize their arrival at their new living space? What information is important for them to have? What experiences are important for them to go through?

2) All our apartments are rented furnished and equipped. When an entrepreneur leaves, what types of things do you need to do to make sure it is ready for a new guest?

3) You have 2 roommates that cannot stand each other and they want to change apartments – however, we don’t have any more apartments available. What do you do?

You can apply here on LinkedIn.

Quick hits:

SEB AB, one of Sweden’s biggest banks, is on a hiring spree zeroing in on techies as more financial services go digital, according to Bloomberg. Chief Executive Officer Johan Torgeby told Bloomberg SEB is hiring as many as “1,400-1,500 people a year right now,” or “about 100 per month.” The bank is taking on people “mainly in new technology, computer scientists, new areas within customer journey design,” he said in an interview.

You can see their openings here.

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