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Paris Talks: You’re invited to a conference on the future of humanity

(Editor’s note: This is courtesy of Michael Bahati, founder and Paris Talks curator at Expats Paris.)

In a time of increasing uncertainty and worry about the trajectory of our planet and society, Expats Paris is proud to announce the launch of Paris Talks, a 1-day conference dedicated to BIG ideas that impact the future of humanity.

The event, scheduled for 26 March, will showcase a variety of BIG ideas: promising new approaches and possible solutions to address the toughest existing and future challenges of the world.

Attendees will discover many unheard, disruptive, and sometimes provocative ideas in topics ranging from art to technology to education, and everything in between.

You can get your ticket here.

For many centuries, there have been debates and discussions about what the future really holds, and now we even find ourselves wondering whether or not this will be the planet’s final century.

More than just speculation and wondering, though, we are now at a time for sharing actionable knowledge, then putting it to use.

Paris Talks aims to serve exactly this purpose, helping people to better understand the issues affecting our future so that we can act for the better.

Paris Talks will feature a series of short but powerful talks (15 minutes or less), as well as valuable networking and entertainment opportunities. This one-day event will gather artists, decision-makers, inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, environmentalists, economists, futurists, visionaries, innovators, and all manner of curious and forward-thinking people out there.


Announced speakers include:

• Ramesh Caussy, CEO & Founder of France-based Partnering Robotics

• Timo Elliott, vice president, Global Innovation Evangelist for SAP

• Denise Silber, digital health trendspotter and founder of Doctors 2.0 & You, digital health for all

• Meghan Rutigliano, associate director of the regional network at Burning Man

You can see the full schedule of events here.

Paris Talks aims to cover a variety of topics from businesses to global environmental, financial, and political issues in English from Paris, the French Capital.

•What does the future look like?

•What does it hold?

• Is this our final century?

• Can anyone ever predict what the next century will be like?

Paris Talks is hosted by the Expats Paris, a digital platform dedicated to providing valuable resources, events, support, and connection for the international community living in Paris.


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