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New on Passport: Tesla needs interns; Club Med filling 1,500 jobs across Europe

Passport, our new social media platform, is about life’s essentials – housing, jobs, travel and quality of life. Each week, we think we’re going to do something different and post about housing or startups. Then we see all the career opportunities for internationals across Europe …

As we’ve said before, it’s an amazing time in Europe: Suddenly, working at Tesla isn’t a dream  … the doors are wide open to those with the talents and visa status to apply.

We tend to go heavy on serious corporate careers, so sometimes we miss some opportunities for those looking more for jobs that offer travel and adventure, especially younger expats.

This week, we’re posting about opportunities that might appeal more to those looking for fun jobs, not forever careers. Plus, we have details about internships at Tesla, which is ramping up its Europe operations with a giga-factory, with the details and location scheduled to be announced by the end of 2017.

A note: We’ve noticed moderators of expat Facebook pages across Europe increasingly shut out commercial posts. We welcome them … if you’re searching for international talent, we reach tens of thousands of expats across Europe each week. If you have a position to fill or you’re searching for just the right job, register on Passport here.

We keep getting alerts and emails about Paris-based Club Med adding jobs for new/expanded mountain resorts.

The all-inclusive chain is in the middle of filling 1,500 vacancies at 20 luxury ski resorts in France, Italy and Switzerland before the season starts.

There are at least two new facilities, which means Club Med will be starting from scratch:

Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon is scheduled to open in December near Geneva.

Club Med Arcs 1600 will open in December at 2,000 meters on the side of a French alp, intended for serious skiers. This is an expansion of an existing resort, Club Med Extrême, in Savoie, France.

The hospitality industry – specifically hotels – is one of the biggest employers of expats across Europe simply because hotels need a lot of people to keep running and turnover is high. We know from personal experience.

Club Med alone has 120 job categories ranging from desk person to servers to housekeeping.

Many of the most difficult to fill jobs is looking after guests’ kids while the adults are out skiing. So if you like children, this is a big opportunity.

Some of the jobs aren’t glamorous, so it comes down to how badly you want to have an adventure and hang out in a 5-star environment in 5-star resorts in the French or Swiss alps. And how well do you get along with people, who can be – well – demanding at top-end hotels.

“DON’T you know who I am!?”

You can apply here on the Club Med careers website.

Tesla needs interns in Amsterdam

Okay, these aren’t formal jobs. But internships can be a foot in the door for a lifetime career and are required for most university tracks.

Tesla is hiring thousands of people around the world as the Palo Alto-based electric car maker scales up. At the same time, it’s offering internships in nearly every country it operates, especially Germany and the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, candidates have to speak both Dutch and English, and it’s big plus to be fluent in other European languages. (Hint, hint Norwegian, which was – and may still be – the company’s largest European market.)

Right now, there are internship opportunities posted on Tesla’s career pages for Inside Sales, Amsterdam. This is a phone-sales job. But you learn Tesla’s new sales formula, get versed in technical specs and even get to give feedback on the business process and recommend changes.

This is basically a gig for a business/management/marketing student in the University track.

You can apply here.

There are a ton of internships listed for Amsterdam and other cities including Tilburg, where Tesla has a factory, including inside sales – German, electrical/firmware engineering, payroll, IT and marketing.

There are internships in other cities across Europe including Paris, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Mannheim and Dusseldorf.

Apple job postings up in London, Cork

A lot of Apple jobs have suddenly popped up across Europe, with the number increasing dramatically since we last perused the digital giant’s careers website last May

Currently, London is Apple’s most happening city, where there are 145 jobs listed. But with Brexit, you have to wonder how long that will last.

The Republic of Ireland is currently Apple’s main customer service hub in Europe, and we counted 89 job openings in Cork, 50 of which were posted this month.

Apple proves our point that multi-lingual expats are going to be in high demand just for language skills. In Cork, they need a Finnish-speaking enterprise technical support advisor and dozens of customer support people who speak at least one European language including Spanish, Italian, French, German and Russian.

Cork must be an really interesting place to work for Apple!

You can see all the Cork jobs here, several of which were posted this week.

We counted 11 jobs posted just this month in Paris and some of them are kind of cool.

They include:

• Security program manager for Apple Pay France

• TV and movies manager

• Software engineer

There are other interesting positions posted this summer that are still open including head of corporate communications in France.

You can see all the Paris jobs here.

Apple posted 11 jobs in Munich this month including several engineering positions.

You can see all the Munich jobs here.

Don’t touch that dial … we’ll have more career tips next week.

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