New on Passport: Are there great expat jobs outside tech? Oh, yeah ….

(Editor’s note: In the interest of full disclosure, Greenback does our personal and U.S. business taxes. So we can vouch for their integrity and competency. Sadly, we get no money for this endorsement.)

We’ve posted a lot about tech jobs in Europe as the biggest American tech companies increase their presence here. And that’s where the money is, no question.

But working as a coder, computer engineer or developer in the intense tech and startup world certainly isn’t for everyone.

There are still tons of right-brain jobs out there with established companies that pay really, really well … well into six figures if you have the qualifications and experience.

And expats, you’re in demand right now… as long as you speak English. And if you speak another language, that’s always a plus.

Increasingly, we’re getting emails from companies looking for someone like you.

For instance, Greenback Expat Tax Services is looking for talent in … wherever you are!

Candidates outside of the U.S. are encouraged to apply as Greenback is a virtual working environment.

From Greenback:

We are currently recruiting for a full-time Marketing Manager to join our remote team and would like to hire someone who has both the marketing experience and has in the past or is currently living as an expat. Do you happen to know of anyone in your network who might be qualified for this role?

Details on the role and where they can apply can be found on the job posting on our website.

Thank you in advance for your help with passing this along to your network! Much appreciated!!

Lisa Hochstein
Director of Business Operations

The Remote Marketing Manager is responsible for the entire marketing strategy, forecast and day-to-day management of all marketing activity for users on site, leads, prospects, new, repeat and existing customers, according to the website.

This is a fast-growing market!

As of 2016, the U.S. State Department estimated that there are 9 million U.S. citizens living abroad, a 120-percent increase from 4 million in 1999.

 Cargill, the Minneapolis-based global farm services/bio-research company, which has 150,000 employees in 70 countries, has dozens of openings in just the Netherlands, for example.

Right now, they’re looking for a PMO Manager for their offices at Schiphol Airport outside Amsterdam.

From Expat Jobs:

We seek an experienced US citizen for the role of PMO Manager. The qualified candidate for the position would lead a team of Project and Program Managers, and make sure that the projects are…
Expat Job Summary

By the way, Cargill has a European Graduate program and you can download details here.

Cargill also has operations in Germany, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Italy and several other countries in Europe.

• Up-and-coming Berlin-based online electronics retailer Chal-Tech Corporation is looking for a data scientist/analyst. This is for expats fluent in both English and German, by the way.

From the job posting:

What you will do:

You will analyze the behavior of our customers and develop appropriate recommendations for different marketing channels
You will answer ad hoc data inquiries efficiently in order to support decision-making processes
You will design and implement new dashboards and reports using Tableau or Power BI
You will perform data analysis using a variety of tools such as Excel, R, Tableau, etc.
You will present your insights and recommendations to senior management and other stakeholders

You can see all the details and requirements here.

The Chal-Tec Corporation sells consumer electronics, event technology and musical instruments. Chal-Tech has more than 300 employees in Germany and in Asia. is searching for a Sr. Manager, Partner Content & Community Marketing. This is one of the fastest-growing online hotel discounters, with massive offices on the south side of Amsterdam,’s HQ city. (It has operations in more than 120 cities worldwide.) is essentially a digital brokerage for discount room deals, created by Dutch entrepreneur Geert-Jan Bruinsma. But this is a no-coding-required jobs, essentially a marketing position.

From the website:

As the Senior Manager of Partner Content & Community Marketing, you are responsible for leading the business operation and setting the strategy in how content and partner-generated content plays a key role in engaging the attention of our partners. You will ensure the return from our content marketing investments are positive to our business goals.

You can apply here.

• If there’s one category outside tech we’ve noticed is booming, it’s mar-com, where many of the English-speaking expats we know are working.

Yes, left-brained people make money creating technology. But right-brained people have to explain it … and sell it.

Take IEE in Luxembourg City, for example. IEE makes sensor technology for auto manufacturers and needs/wants a higher consumer profile. They have an opening for Marketing Communications Manager.

Basically, the job involves developing an integrated marketing plan. In addition, you’d monitor issues, trends, news and social media conversations and react/respond with (appropriate) ideas and strategies.

You can apply here.

A note: We’ve noticed moderators of expat Facebook pages across Europe increasingly shut out commercial posts. We welcome them … if you’re searching for international talent, we reach tens of thousands of people across Europe each week. If you have a position to fill or you’re searching for just the right job, register on Passport here.

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