New on Passport: Dispatches’ list of expat-oriented career fairs in Europe (updated)

Most expats come over because their company already has a job waiting for them upon arrival, along with a place to call home, and all of their paperwork handled. Other expats — digital nomads, freelancers, and Dispatches Europe‘s own founders, for example — carve out their own career path on their way to success.

And then, there are those who come over looking to start a new career.

Maybe they’re a trailing spouse who finally can begin to work after going through the bureaucracy to be allowed to work in the first place. Perhaps the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t working out, and they need more stability in their career.

If you’re looking for a new career for any reason, then our list of expat-oriented career fairs is the one you’ll need to bookmark. And as you’ll note, the Netherlands is the most aggressive country in Europe when it comes to pursuing highly skilled internationals.

So as to not overwhelm you or ourselves, we’ll only cover a few months at a time, starting from now through May. And if you happen to know of an expat-oriented career fair that we should know about, please contact either Cameron, Terry or Cheryl at,, or

You can also leave us a message on our Facebook page.


Virtual – IT, Sales and Engineering – Work in Estonia!: Let’s just say it … Estonia’s got it goin’ on right now. Fintech. Digital citizenship. Free  transportation. Tropical sun and palm trees. Oh, wait … But tell us you’re not just a little bit curious about the careers possibilities. (Be sure to check out the vid, which features an Australian expat.)

If you are, this virtual job fair should give you some insights.

Work in Estonia! is scheduled for 28 March from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CET.

Here are five reasons to consider working in Estonia, from the website:

  • Fast-track your career: Climb up the career ladder faster and reach your professional goals in less time, with almost no organizational hierarchy limits.
  • Our future is bright: Estonia is a true digital society and the start-up nation of Europe. Run businesses, access government services and sign documents online – anywhere, anytime.
  • So fresh & so clean: Estonians highly value both the environmental cleanliness and the possibilities of spending time in nature.
  • Safety first: Crime rates are low, people around you are relaxed and usually modest. Cyber safety is such a hot topic, that NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of  Excellence is located in Tallinn.
  • The living is easy: No other tech hub beats Tallinn when it comes to optimizing your monthly expenses. Our free public transport and healthcare leave you more money to spend on fun things that matter to you.

You can sign up here.

This event is part of the European Job Days virtual network. European Job Days are run by EURES, a network of European Employment Services, and the European Commission.


Amsterdam – The IamExpat Fair: The biannual IamExpat Fair lands in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek 7 April, and is designed to help new expats connect with the expat community in the Netherlands’ global city.

Aside from the many workshops available to help set you on the right path towards success as an expat in Amsterdam, you can also submit your CV to and interview with recruiters from businesses in the city including: Projob; Randstad; and Abroad Experience International Recruitment.

Registration is free, but don’t wait, as tickets are limited. You can also follow the event on Facebook to learn what all will be on the program when it is released to the public.

Amsterdam – International Talent Event Amsterdam 2018The International Talent Event Amsterdam is for students and graduates entering the workforce. This is mostly about CV writing and the mechanics of job interviews. BUT, there will be recruiters and employers on hand 20 April at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam.

A LOT of employers and recruiters.

Companies scheduled to be at ITEA 2017 include:

Adidas, Adams Recruitment, Atlassian, B Building Business, Blue Horseshoe,, Club Med, Deskbookers, DHR International, Esoma, Esti Developers, Expatica, Equiniti, FCA Netherlands, Freightex, IN Amsterdam, INFORMATION DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD., ING, KYC Solutions, Monsanto, Murata Electronics Europe B.V, Newgen Payments, NBC Universal (international), Proctor exam, Projob, Pupply, Randstad Holding, Sungevity, Team Leader, The Student Hotel, TIP Trailor Service, Travix International, UBM, VenturesOne, VF International, Webster, Whirlpool and Young Financials.

You can register here.

Berlin – Berlin Tech Job Fair: Organized by TechMeetups, the Berlin event on 16 April is sort of a hybrid. It’s advertised as a place for recent grads and young talent “to have a meaningful conversation with companies” and learn about their culture. To companies, the event is pitched as a place to launch new products and get feedback.

Jobs seem to be an afterthought, but it’s free.

That said, there is a list of jobs on the Tech Startup Jobs website here.

You can register here.

Lisbon – Lisbon Tech Job Fair: Organized by TechMeetups, the “world’s biggest Tech Job Fair” is landing at Lisbon, Portugal’s Beta-i startup hub on 12 April. If you’re a techpat who’s “tired of browsing online job boards all day long” without success, then this job fair is for you.

The Lisbon Tech Job Fair presents opportunities to meet with local companies recruiting for open positions in Lisbon and elsewhere. There will also be networking opportunities, a chance to learn about all of the startups popping up in the Portuguese capital, and more.

All you need to do to attend is obtain a free ticket via the link above by 12 April.

Prague – International Fairs for International People: As noted above, Bilingual People is a recruitment firm that puts on events across Europe from London to Prague.

The Prague event is scheduled for 21 April. We haven’t been to one of their events, but it looks like big-name employers such as Amazon show up, looking for bilingual people. And English typically is required to work for most U.S.-based multinationals.

Registration opens one month before the event, so check back here and we’ll have the link.

Rotterdam – Sino-Dutch Career Fair: This is a switch. Instead of the Chinese coming to study and work in the Netherlands, they’re scouting the Netherlands to import their talent, domestic and international.

The Sino-Dutch Career Fair scheduled for 22 April in Rotterdam matches talent and Chinese and Dutch companies.

From the event website, which is in both English and Chinese:

Targeted Talents Pool (Local Dutch & Internationals): 

Talents with Master, PhD or Post Doctoral degree
3-5 years’ work experience
Cross sectors: E-commerce, Banking, Design, Agriculture, Business, High Tech and Industrial research, and etc.

The event is put on by Max Human Resource Management in Rotterdam.

There’s no way to register on the website, but you can send your query here. There’s also an email for VIP dinner reservations.

Utrecht – Futureproof Recruitment: This is not an expat event per se, but the global mobility of talent is key to Dispatches’ mission. Every day, we see companies, cities and entire regions in the Netherlands trying new approaches to attracting highly skilled internationals.

Futureproof Recruitment is an HR event in Utrecht that promises to address employer branding, candidate experience, managing data and e-recruitment.

The fee for this day-long seminar scheduled for 17 April is 349 euros per person and you can register here.

Virtual – Industry Finland: Virtual job fairs are increasingly popular with both job seekers and companies. This one is a little different in that it’s not just for programmers, engineers and developers. Finland needs people with – how should we say this – who actually know how to do practical work such as welding and construction.

Industry Finland is scheduled for 12 April from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Finland (the happiest country in the world!) has growing sectors in automotive, shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. ICT/IT plays more of a role in the digitalization of industry.

Here are the categories:

  • Metal: welding, CNC, machinery
  • Construction: construction workers, supervisors
  • ICT: programmers, coders, web developer, IoT / Big Data specialists.

You can register on the website.

This event is part of the European Job Days virtual network. European Job Days are run by EURES, a network of European Employment Services, and the European Commission.


Amsterdam -” I Am Not a Tourist” Job Fair for Internationals: Presented by Expatica, The “I Am Not a Tourist” Job Fair for Internationals lands in Amsterdam’s World Trade Center Amsterdam 26 May.

There will be a dozen presentations to help you on your career search, from learning to speak Dutch and learning how to write your CV for a Dutch audience, to using LinkedIn in your search and translating your expat experience into work experience.

Outside of the presentation area, 20 exhibitors will be on the floor during the career fair to help you find your new career, including recruiters for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Mercedes-Benz, Monsanto, Atlassian, and Netflix.

The fair is expected to see 1,500 walk through the doors of the World Trade Center Amsterdam. If you’d like to be among them, you can pick up your free ticket online now, or pay €12.50 at the door.

Utrecht – BCF Career Event: If you happen to be in the bio, chemistry, food and pharma fields, then Utrecht is the place to be 24 May for the BCF Career Event in the Netherlands.

The one-day event, held in the Beatrix building of Jaarbeurs Utrecht, is for anyone interested in the aforementioned fields of employment –  from students and graduates – to those well-established into their career field.

Recruiters from Abbott Labs, L’Oréal Research & Innovation, Ajilon Life Sciences, Kelly Scientific Resources, and others will be available to receive your CV and interview you.

There will also be workshops on body language, using LinkedIn, and job seeking for introverts among those scheduled on the programme.

All you need to do to attend is register online, which you have until 16 May to do. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until November when the job fair heads over to Ghent, Belgium.

A note: We’ve noticed moderators of expat Facebook pages across Europe increasingly shut out commercial posts. We welcome them … if you’re searching for international talent, we reach tens of thousands of people across Europe each week. If you have a position to fill or you’re searching for just the right job, register on Passport here.

Eindhoven – ASML Student Excursions: ASML makes the machines that make computer chips. The 50 million euro-plus machines, and has an 80 share of the photolithography marker. A place where anyone would want to work, right? Alas, every tech company in the world is fighting the War for Talent.

So, ASML is looking for an edge, conducting career excursions on its Eindhoven campus for promising students.

The program consists of a number of short presentations at the ASML Experience Center, a campus tour, a case study and informal drinks.
Tours start at 0945 and finish about 1715.

The next excursion for 2018 is:

Thursday, 17 May: Mechanical Engineering : register here before 10 May.

• June

Eindhoven – “I Am Not a Tourist” Expat Fair Eindhoven: This event Sunday, 10 June is the Eindhoven version of the above “I Am Not a Tourist” series. But this one is a little different because Eindhoven is a lot different. This is a mega tech hub, and recruiters will be here in force.

It’s also a mega expat hub, a city that actually plans to double the number of highly skilled internationals by 2020. Eindhoven increasingly has a lot of expat amenities including a healthcare clinic, a chiropractic practice and an international school. You’ll get the skinny on all those and more.

This is a free event, but you’re asked to get a ticket, which you can do here.

• September

Luxembourg City – This is a good one, a day-long career fair aimed at students and young professionals (up to 5 years of experience) looking for trainee positions, or a (first) job opportunity.

Scheduled for September (there’s no firm date yet), this is at the University of Luxembourg, but it’s open to all student in Europe “and beyond,” according to the website.

But the numbers from the first third events are impressive:

• 700 recruitments

• 130 companies

• 2,500 open positions to fill

This sponsored by ING, Luxair and other big companies. So watch the website for details.

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