New on Passport: Dispatches’ list of expat-oriented career fairs in Europe (updated)

Most expats come over because their company already has a job waiting for them upon arrival, along with a place to call home, and all of their paperwork handled. Other expats — digital nomads, freelancers, and Dispatches Europe‘s own founders, for example — carve out their own career path on their way to success.

And then, there are those who come over looking to start a new career.

Maybe they’re a trailing spouse who finally can begin to work after going through the bureaucracy to be allowed to work in the first place. Perhaps the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t working out, and they need more stability in their career.

If you’re looking for a new career for any reason, then our list of expat-oriented career fairs is the one you’ll need to bookmark. And as you’ll note, the Netherlands is the most aggressive country in Europe when it comes to pursuing highly skilled internationals.

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• September

Tech Job Fair London: This 20 September event is for local students and job seekers with tech and business backgrounds including developers, designers, marketers, marketers, financiers, managers, BI, analysts, product managers and data scientists.

This is yet another event from Tech Startup Jobs, but these events promise face-to-face interaction instead of some soulless algorithm rejecting your resume. The job fairs also work both sides, with companies making their cases at a time when the pendulum has definitely swung toward a world of way more jobs across Europe than people qualified to fill them.

There will be a lot of recruitment firms at this event including IC Creative and JustHire as well as larger employers such as Vodafone and Teradata.

Tech Job Fair London is free for students, but there appear to be just a few tickets left. You can get yours here on Eventbrite.

Sofia – Career in Bulgaria. Why Not?: This is not a rhetorical question. This is Bulgaria’s largest career fair for professionals with international experience. And the one with the best name.

Career in Bulgaria, scheduled for 20 September, promises more than 100 companies as well as seminars and HR services – career consultations, CV-check, awards and more. The best part – everything is free.

You may ask yourself, “Why would 100 companies turn out to hire internationals in Bulgaria, a country with relatively high unemployment?” The answer is, many skilled Bulgarians go to other EU countries for careers leaving a bit of a brain drain. Which is where you come in … about 1,500 people turn out for this annual job fair, according to the website.

You can see the list of companies participating here. The list includes some big names including Coca-Cola, KMPG, Cargill, IBM and Xerox.

Unlike most of these things, Career in Bulgaria has a super website with profiles of nine internationals from around the world who are doing business in Bulgaria now.

You can register here.

Leipzig – Jobmesse Leipzig: This is a big one. On 22 Sept., Job Fair Leipzig will attract more than 5,000 people because they offer facetime with top employers.

Job Messe Leipzig has a little sump’m sump’m for everyone – students, top engineers and highly skilled internationals. There’s even assistance to navigate the German job-search bureaucratic labyrinth.

Employers are auto-industry heavy because this is Leipzig – Volkswagen and Audi – as well as a lot of smaller companies.

And like all legit job fairs, it’s free because employers need you right now. How badly? There’s a Hotline number.

Luxembourg City – This is a good one, a day-long career fair aimed at students and young professionals (up to 5 years of experience) looking for trainee positions, or a (first) job opportunity.

Scheduled for September (there’s no firm date yet), this is at the University of Luxembourg, but it’s open to all student in Europe “and beyond,” according to the website.

But the numbers from the first third events are impressive:

• 700 recruitments

• 130 companies

• 2,500 open positions to fill

This sponsored by ING, Luxair and other big companies. You can register here.

• October

Amsterdam – I Am Not A Tourist Job Fair for Internationals: This 7 October event an Expatica job fair with 125 exhibitors. You can see the list here.

But, there will be a limited number with multilingual jobs, according to the website.

There will also be 40 free presentations, entertainment and workshops on housing, transport, finance, healthcare and other expat topics such as clubs.

You can get your free ticket here.

There will also be presentations on topics such as networking and skills, but you need a separate ticket for each.

Various locations- Tech Job Fair: These are all part of the Tech Startup Job events across Europe. These job fairs will be in

Barcelona on 10 October.

Zurich on 18 October

Munich on 25 October

All these events offer a chance to actually talk with employers in person. And if you’re a student or early job seeker, they’re free. Companies seeking talent pick up the tab.

You can get tickets via the links above, or on Eventbrite.

• November

Amsterdam Tech Job Fair Autumn 2018: This is an event for everyone – experienced job searchers, students and interns – in a city that is packed with multinationals and tech companies such as Adyen and

This is part of the Tech Meetups series, so it’s free for job-seekers while employers pick up the tab.

You can apply here.

Naturejobs Career Expo Düsseldorf: This is a career fair for scientists –  from graduates to research fellows. On 16 November, Naturejobs puts you in front of reps from national and international employers from academic institutions and scientific industries who have actual positions to fill.

Companies/institutes include:

The Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron

INC Research (Syneos Health)

ShanghaiTech University

Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research

Syncom Healthcare

The event is free and you can register here.

KPMG Recruitment Event Luxembourg City: The global accounting firm’s next recruitment event will take place on the 22 and 23 November. If you are looking for your first job in Audit, IT Audit or Tax … stay tuned! Registrations will open soon.

• 2019

Rome International Careers Festival: This multi-event international festival put on by a non-profit organization – Giovani nel Mondo – is scheduled for 9 thru 12 March next year in Rome. It includes several career modules as well as a model U.N.

The website is in Alale (a language a lot like English) but from what we can gather, there will be a couple of days when students and young talent (up to 30 years old) can meet with companies and NGOs.

Open to the public for the 2 days out of 4 of the Festival, the Fair offers circa 60,000 young people the opportunity to meet 200 exhibitors and interact face-to-face with officers of International Organisations, representatives of the most important NGOs in Italy and the world, HR reps of prestigious multinational companies, representatives of top universities and business schools within Italy and the world.

You can see more information here.

Connecticum in Berlin: Scheduled for 14 thru 16 May next year, this is one of the biggest career events in Europe:

3 days, 400 top companies, 25,000 jobs for students and graduates. Maybe more if Europe’s economic boom continues.

• internships, student jobs, bachelor / master theses, trainee programs, direct entry
• Top employers for students, graduates and young professionals
• spontaneous job interview
• direct contacts, personal exchange, concrete feedback
• Free admission for students and graduates

Pretty much every large German company and a whole lot of multinationals show up for this.

You can register here.

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