Mónica Da Silva: My curated list of the Top-5 coolest co-working spaces in Lisbon

(Editor’s note: This post about Lisbon’s coolest co-working spaces is part of our Tech Tuesday seriesDispatches Europe tracks the tech scene – startups, scale-ups and mature companies – because so many of our highly skilled internationals are engineers, physicists and developers.)

It is no surprise that co-working spaces are booming all around the world after companies had to finally accept that most employees want to be free to decide where to work. Although some Portuguese employers are still reluctant, the number of digital nomads and expats settling in Lisbon has rapidly increased the number and variety of co-working spaces available in the city. 

From pet friendly spaces to desks with an ocean view, I can assure you that there is a co-working space that will meet all your needs and requirements somewhere in Lisbon.

Here are the five co-working spaces (plus one app to track them all) that I chose based on reviews from expats who have been there, and a special characteristic that makes them unique and that I added before their names.

So, if you are trying to be a bit more social and work wearing something else other than your pajamas for a change, check out this list with the most trending co-working spaces in Lisbon and give them a try.

Locations: Cascais, Conde d’Óbidos and Anjos

Prices start at 2.50 euros (+VAT) per hour 

This is one of the best-known co-working spaces in Lisbon, it has three different locations in the city and is one of the few that opens on Saturdays. They offer different membership plans depending on your requirements and they can even customize a plan for you if needed! Something very unique that I’d like to highlight from LACS is that they offer a membership for students for only 0.50 euros (+VAT) per hour. There are private meeting rooms and event spaces, and the best news: LACS is dog friendly! 

Best location: Avila Spaces

Locations: Saldanha and Av. da República

Prices start at 20 euros (+VAT) per day 

Avila Spaces has two headquarters not too far from each other in one of the best areas in Lisbon. They have their own app and besides the co-working spaces, they also offer a wide range of corporate services such as virtual offices and virtual assistants. You can rent your own desk, a fully-equipped meeting room for you and your team and take some time off in their business lounge. They have five membership plans available and their spaces are ideal for small companies, freelancers and remote workers. 

Sustainability? Yes, please: Heden 

Locations: Chiado, Rossio, Graça and Sta. Apolónia

Prices start at 250 euros per month

Heden opened its doors in 2018 and it’s the first B-Corp certified co-working space in Lisbon, so if you care about the impact of your consumption decisions on the world  this is your place. There are in four amazing locations and offer a wide range of services and fun amenities such as showers, workshops, yoga and massages. There are different types of memberships depending on your needs and the headquarters you chose, but overall they offer private and shared desks, private offices (up to eight people), art studios, auditoriums, meeting rooms and team areas (more than eight people). 

To feel right at home: Hyggelig 

Location: Rua Nova do Desterro, 29

Prices start at 60 euros (+VAT) per week 

I am not a fan of co-working spaces but if I had to choose one for myself, I’m sure Hyggelig would be my perfect match. Although it’s very spacious, there are only 16 desks so you won’t get overwhelmed by a lot of people or noise around you. Furthermore, their desks are electric and height-adjustable. Some of the services and amenities they offer are: high-speed Internet, meeting rooms, lockers, printers and of course, a relaxed atmosphere in a beautiful Soho decor. What expats highlight about this co-working space is their international and multicultural environment. 

The one for the artists: Fábrica Moderna 

Locations: Marvila and Costa da Caparica

We’ve requested prices

These co-working spaces are specially adapted for artists and people in the creative industry, there are private and shared desks as well as kilns, tools, 3D printers and other amazing equipment. The office in Costa da Caparica is only 50 meters away from the water so you can easily go surfing during your lunch break. Fábrica Moderna also offers a wide range of artistic workshops open to the public and both of their spaces are pet friendly. They also organize events for the community and with your membership you get access to meeting rooms, kitchen and lounge areas. 

The app to find them all: Croissant 

Croissant is not a coworking space but a must-have-app I found during my research that you can use in many cities around the world to find available coworking spaces. You can choose the date, time and number of seats you need as well as filter the amenities (outdoor space, pet friendly, whiteboards, etc.) and the app will show you what is available.

After registering, you can reserve a seat or a room depending on what you need. Their offer isn’t limited to desks, conference or meeting rooms, you can also find Skype rooms, podcast booths and even photo studios.

There, you can find coworking spaces such as: LACS, Avila Spaces and Heden, and check their availability in real time. 

Read more about Lisbon’s tech and startup scene here.

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Mónica da Silva is half-Venezuelan, half Portuguese and has lived in Venezuela, Portugal, Spain and Germany. She has studies linguistics and has a Bachelor’s Degree in European Studies. Besides contributing to Dispatches, she works remotely as an English teacher, which allows her to be on the move as often as she wants. 

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