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Mónica Da Silva in Portugal: My quick guide to the best online resources for tracking events, concerts and bargains in Lisbon

A Feverup candlelight concert

One of the things I like the most about Lisbon is the variety of events … of things to do and see. From free open-air concerts to amazing museum exhibitions and street markets, Lisbon has it all! When I first came here, it was a bit overwhelming because the information was everywhere. But over time I found some tools to help me keep up with my favorite type of events and manage to attend all of them, or at least most of them.

So, here’s my guide of the best websites with cultural agendas in and out of Lisbon.


Agendalx is an official website created by the Lisbon City Council in which you can find a huge variety of activities and events happening in the city. From movie festivals to guided visits through Lisbon’s amazing street art, you will definitely find something that will get you out of your sofa on a Sunday!

The website has a Portuguese and an English version which is great news for Expats and tourists. However, be aware that the agenda in English is not as up to date as the one in Portuguese. Some of the categories this website offers are: open space activities, day or night events, activities for children, fairs, science, literature and theater.

Viral Agenda

Viral Agenda is, in my opinion, one of the best tools to find events both in and out of Lisbon. It allows you to filter the events by districts, by municipalities and by categories all over Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores) so it’s very useful for people who don’t live in the city.

It’s not only a cultural agenda, it also has plenty of information about street markets, workshops, conferences and traditional events. Another great feature is that you can share your own events by registering on the website and providing all the information. So, if you’d like to share the yoga retreat or painting workshop you’ve been planning feel free to do so!


More than an agenda, Feverup is a website to purchase tickets. However, while most ticket websites only focus either on concerts or exhibitions, this one offers a wide range of events with categories such as gastronomic experiences, tribute concerts, sports, drinks, and of course, their brand events: candlelight concerts in the most amazing locations of Lisbon.

Another wonderful characteristic is that Feverup, based in London, is an international website, so you can use it to purchase tickets even if you’re out of the country on vacation in cities such as Madrid, London or even New York! They are very reliable and their website is very user-friendly.

Read more about Feverup here on TechCrunch.


Finally, I love bargains and if you do too, I am sure that you will love Mygon. Although it’s not a website with an agenda, you will find discount coupons for events as well as services. Some of the events they offer with up to 70 percent discount are: wine tasting, gastronomic experiences, workshops and guided tours.

Mygon is also a really user-friendly platform; you just need to make a reservation and then you will be contacted by the provider in the following days to set a date and time to enjoy the experience you booked. I have used it several times. It’s 100-percent reliable and safe, and I’ve had nothing but great experiences with all the providers.

As the “normal” rhythm of life is slowly coming back in Portugal, please remember there are also plenty of online events on those platforms if you don’t feel safe. But if you do decide to go out, remember to follow the measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone during these events and activities.

About the author:

Mónica Da Silva was born in Venezuela but her parents and grandparents are Portuguese. She’s a teacher and translator. Mónica lived in Bonn, Germany for six months and has been in Lisbon for almost three years.

She speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and a bit of German.

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Mónica da Silva is half-Venezuelan, half Portuguese and has lived in Venezuela, Portugal, Spain and Germany. She has studies linguistics and has a Bachelor’s Degree in European Studies. Besides contributing to Dispatches, she works remotely as an English teacher, which allows her to be on the move as often as she wants. 

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