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Mónica Da Silva in Lisbon: Go north or south, and you’ll find great kitesurfing in Portugal (updated)

(Editor’s note: Due to editor’s error, the original version of this post about kitesurfing destinations in Portugal omitted Algarve Watersports, the oldest kitesurfing school and resort in the Algarve.)

Portugal has many kilometers of coastline with perfect conditions for water sports almost all year around. That’s why there are plenty of beaches and lagoons that are ideal for all levels of kitesurfing. Starting from the north and going to the south, I have gathered the best kitesurfing places in Portugal in this post.

If you are staying or planning to stay in Lisbon, please check my previous Dispatches post, “The best kitesurfing spots in Lisbon.”

The North of Portugal

Ofir and Aveiro are two of the most inviting kitesurfing spots in the north of Portugal. Because they are a bit isolated, kitesurfing schools also offer accommodation and the courses are more like camps, camps that last at least one week. So, besides learning or improving your kitesurfing skills, you will get to know people who share your same passion.

Ofir: Ofir is located 30 minutes away from Porto and there you will find ElementFish. They offer camps for several activities such as surfing, yoga, stand up paddling and, of course, kitesurfing. Their packages include lessons in any of the sports (or even all of them if you are feeling adventurous), accommodations, access to their swimming pool and optional services such as massages, meals and horse riding. Their kite camp prices range from 459 euros to 649 euros depending on the season. 

There’s lots more to do in the area including five golf courses.\

Aveiro: Aveiro is midway between Coimbra and Porto and the Aveiro lagoon is a hotspot for sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing and wing foil. Aveiro receives water and strong winds straight from the Atlantic, so it’s no wonder that there so many schools focused on water sports.

Nortada Aventura is one of them and besides kitesurfing lessons, they also offer accommodation in three beautiful houses. You can even stay in their space and use their services if you are travelling by motorhome. Their packages with accommodation range from 200 euros to 425 euros depending on the length of your stay and the house you choose. 

The south of Portugal

Who hasn’t heard about the Algarve? It’s the southernmost area of continental Portugal and with wonderful sunny weather during the whole year and beautiful beaches, it’s currently one of the most attractive European places for expats and tourists. Of course, the list of places for watersports is long because you can practice them all along the 155 kilometers of its south-facing coastline.

Algarve Watersport is a school and surf camp in Lagos and one of the first, established in 2006. Yes, you can learn to kitesurf. But you can also stay at Algarve Watersport and add healthy food, massages and yoga to your experience. Algarve Watersport is an expat destination both for kitesurfers and employees. The company employs mostly expats, “people who changed their life to chase wind and waves, myself included,” said Adam Michalak, marketing manager. (We’ll have a full post later.)

Algarve Kite Center offers kitesurfing lessons in Lagos and they have certified instructors and their group lessons are up to four students. Also, if you are already an advanced kitesurfer, you can rent their equipment. The group lessons have prices from 100 euros to 500 euros depending on the amount of lessons you want to have. Finally, they have several informative posts on their website so you can get to know all the characteristics and conditions of Lagos

• In the east of the Algarve, you will find Altura Kites which offers kitesurf, hydrofoil and stand up paddle lessons. They divide their kitesurfing program in three stages depending on your level of expertise. If you are a total beginner, you can purchase the whole package with three stages for 270 europs (plus VAT). Altura Kites also has lessons for skills development for more advanced kitesurfers. 

About the author:

Mónica Da Silva was born in Venezuela but her parents and grandparents are Portuguese. She’s a teacher and translator. Mónica lived in Bonn, Germany for six months and has been in Lisbon for three years.

She speaks Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and a bit of German.

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Mónica da Silva is half-Venezuelan, half Portuguese and has lived in Venezuela, Portugal, Spain and Germany. She has studies linguistics and has a Bachelor’s Degree in European Studies. Besides contributing to Dispatches, she works remotely as an English teacher, which allows her to be on the move as often as she wants. 

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