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Matthew Reynolds: An expat’s guide to the best coffee in Frankfurt

When I moved from Sydney to Frankfurt in November last year, I was uncertain if I would find great coffee. I can make-do without the beaches of Sydney and its warm weather, but I would struggle to live anywhere without great coffee and friendly cafes. I know – it’s a first world problem, but hey, I am sure those readers who appreciate a quality barista coffee will understand.

My fears were soon put to rest and I have since discovered some great cafes and excellent coffee in Frankfurt.

Here are a just a few of my favourites:


Café Morcolade – Eichwaldstraße 2, 60385 Frankfurt am Main

Our local café – and what a stunning find it has been. They use their own blend of nutty, full bodied arabica beans. The baristas’ and owner are always friendly and welcoming. I walk our dog there for a morning coffee and as soon as we enter the barista has started making my large take away cappuccino before I even say “Guten Tag.”

They also own a bakery next door that sells rolls, patisseries, fresh pita and hummus for home. What I particularly love is the bookshelf at the back of the café, with its subliminal message suggesting customers take their time and have a leisurely read over an unrushed coffee.


Café Kant – Kantstrasse 13, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

A delightful, charming slightly old-world café that could be transported from the 1950’s. The entrance is full of speciality coffee brews for take away, together with home-made cakes and breads.

The coffee is strong and full-bodied, but the real treats here are the home-made cakes. I find the apple cake, with its large pieces of cinnamon coated stewed apple almost impossible to resist.


Hoppenworth & Ploch – Friedberger Landstraße 86, 60316 Frankfurt am Main

It doesn’t take long to realise this café is something else – it begins when ordering coffee when they enquire what type of coffee bears would I like for my brew.

There are bags of roasted beans at the back of the café from Brazil, Guatemala and Columbia for example.

The coffee is expertly roasted and brewed, and precisely served by a friendly barista using a top of the line La Marzocco expresso machine.

This place positively hums on weekends, with trendy well-dressed locals lolling around looking very self-satisfied for being in what has the be one of the best cafes not just in Frankfurt but anywhere.


Bunca – Kirchnerstraße 4, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

The sign on the awning welcomes customers with the memorable expression “love, peace and damn good coffee”. It is difficult to argue with this pithy summary of this small, but delightful café.

Expertly brewed – nutty and flavoursome – the coffee is a real treat. It is served in lovely blue porcelain mugs. Coffee is the real star here with a few flavoursome accompaniments such as home-made banana bread and small tarts.

I often ride here after a gym workout for a quick brew before heading home, feeling blessed for this charming café in the centre of Frankfurt.

There are many more great cafes in Frankfurt, and we will review more of them in forthcoming articles.

About the author:

Matthew Reynolds is an accountant and management consultant, working out of Frankfurt Germany. He evaluates high potential shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) for global investors and he can be contacted at [email protected]

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