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Liina Edun: Nine of my favorite affordable (and terrific) restaurants in Lisbon

Lisbon is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, although it can be somewhat limited in international cuisines compared to other capital cities in Europe. Nevertheless, we have scouted – and then eaten our way through – this list of local and non-typical restaurants in Lisbon below, all at affordable prices.

There are many small, “typical” Portuguese restaurants all over Portugal, but here are some of the best ones in the Lisbon area:

Traditional Portuguese


Restaurante San Sebastian

Located right in the centre of Lisbon near the metro stop Sao Sebastiao and within a few minutes of the magnificent Park Eduardo VII, this family-run restaurant has excellent reviews. There you can find freshly grilled fish and salmon, as well as bitoque, the Portuguese-style beef or pork steak with fries and a salad. The service is friendly and warm, which makes the experience even better, despite the small space.

Address: Largo de São Sebastião da Pedreira 8C, 1050-205 Lisboa

Prices: €€

Hó Caldas

This restaurant, located in the touristy area between Alfama and Chiado, possibly gained its popularity due to its convenient location. However, the food is also delicious and cheap, making it worth a try despite the somewhat cramped space.

Their bacalhau à brás, a popular Portuguese dish made from shredded codfish, thinly chopped fried potatoes, and scrambled eggs, is served in huge portions, as are all their other meals.

Address: R. de São Mamede 22 e, 1100-535 Lisboa

Prices: €€

Fome De Leāo

Fome de Leāo (Lion Hungry) is in Areeiro, a residential area but still in the city of Lisbon. It’s easily accessible due to its location between the metro of Areeiro and the Roma-Areeiro train station.

It gets really packed around Portuguese dinner time (8:30 p.m.) so it’s best to go a bit earlier. Their best dishes are grilled fish (dourada or robalo) and grilled chicken (frango assado) served with fries, rice, and a salad served with their home-made dressing. The plate sizes are sometimes not big enough to contain all the food on it.

Address: Av. Padre Manuel da Nóbrega 9A, 1000-193 Lisboa

Prices: €€€


A bit outside of Lisbon, Marítima in Paço de Arcos is a cozy traditional restaurant packed with locals. It is a nice stopover on the way into Lisbon or the beach in the opposite direction, the perfect spot to enjoy croquettes, panado de frango (fried chicken fillet), and fish, in a friendly atmosphere.

Address: R. Costa Pinto 57, 2770-185, Paço de Arcos

Prices: €€€

Pizza Em Casa

Everyone loves pizza, so we felt the need to mention our favourite pizza place. Pizza Em Casa is found in Estrela and within walking distance of Campo de Ourique. It is a small restaurant offering handmade pizza baked in a wood fire oven and efficient service with a

After devouring your pizza, try their cheesecake.

Address: R. Possidónio da Silva 166, 1350-246 Lisboa

Prices: €€

Asian specialties

Thanks to the population of immigrants from East and South Asia, we are lucky to have reasonably priced and authentic Asian restaurants around the Lisbon area.


Azia Asian Restaurant for South East Asian food

Azia Asian Restaurant in Cais do Sodre is one of the best options for a decent spicy Malaysian curry or pad thai at “normal” Portuguese prices. Compared to the pricey and touristy South East Asian restaurant Boa-Bao, Azia serves the same types of dishes at half the price, and is just as delicious.

Address: Rua de S. Paulo 136, 1200-429 Lisboa

Prices: €€€

Nova Paris for Chinese cuisine

Located right by the metro Intendente, in the “Asian” part of Lisbon, Nova Paris is the best place for some affordable and authentic Chinese dishes where you can really taste the fresh ingredients and get quick service.

The Sichuan dishes are a favourite.

Address: Av. Alm. Reis 19, 1150-020 Lisboa

Prices: €€€

Tasca Kome for Japanese food

A few blocks away from Praça do Comércio, Tasca Kome offers great sushi, but is much more than just a sushi place. With great vegetarian options, good service, accessible location, and a menu that is regularly updated, there’s no better place for some Japanese food.

Address: R. da Madalena 57, 1100-016 Lisboa

Prices: €€€€

Taj Palace for Indian food

This restaurant is outside of the Lisbon metro area across the Ponte de 25 Abril bridge and you would need a car to get there, but it’s worth the trip. It is arguably one of the best Indian restaurants in the Lisbon region, and could be a great place for lunch on your way to Arrábida or Algarve.

The popular dishes butter chicken and chicken tikka masala are prepared to perfection, and their cheese naan and accompanying sauces are just irresistible.

Address: R. Cordoaria 23, 2845-054 Amora

Prices: €€€

We hope this list of affordable Portuguese and international cuisine made you hungry and eager to try some of our favourite restaurants in Lisbon.

+PRICE KEY – All of the restaurants mentioned have some main dishes under 10 euros,

€ main dishes under 10 euros; €€ main dishes under 10 euros; €€€ main dishes under 15 euros; €€€€ main dishes over 20 euros

About the author:

A graduate of Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, Calif., Liina Edun has a background in psychology and a career in writing and content management.

Having lived most of her life as an expat, she is currently located in Lisbon. 

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