J’Nai Emery in Split: New Evolve event connects freelancers with the local business community

In recent years, Croatia has positioned itself as a top location for Digital Nomads and techies – and the community has since substantially grown. Recently, new organizations are emerging onto the market, aiming to connect freelancers to Split’s current ecosystem … and further showcasing that Croatia continues setting itself up as an ideal business hub.

Freelancers typically are a demographic overlooked. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Digital Nomad visas currently sweeping across the globe – they’re an often forgotten collective. Yet freelancers are vital to the business world and equally important within communities.

Evolve International in cooperation with Europe’s Freelance Business Community (FBC) are two organizations actively integrating foreign freelancers into Split’s vibrant community. They’re bringing freelancers together, connecting them with local entrepreneurs and business owners through an appointed FBC ambassador organizing networking events at local business establishments.

Headquartered in Belgium, the Freelance Business Community uses global events, ambassadors, masterclasses, and publications to connect, strengthen bonds, and support freelancers in cities worldwide.

Bringing successful innovation to freelancers in relaxed atmospheres.

Freelance fun

The collaborative duo’s first-ever Split event was held on Friday, 28 October. The evening began with two guest speakers, Becca Rich and Dr. Joy Katić, who shared their advice for successful career journeys. The unique lectures covered distinctly different topics, yet were relatable for all professional backgrounds.

It was inspiring to hear the various professional experiences, previous setbacks, epiphanies, and successes alongside tips and guidance.

Becca Rich at the Evolve Event

Becca Rich, American holistic time management coach, gave an enlightening talk on breaking free from feeling trapped and living a life truly desired using time management and accountability practices. Rich connected with the audience by sharing her story of being an engineer who went through a transformational journey and now offers coaching strategies guiding others to embrace their true passions.

Dr. Joy Katić, a Canadian chiropractor and acupuncturist, offered an interactive presentation filled with tips and practices for good spinal health. Together, Katić guided us through several beneficial exercises for at-home care. She also shared her journey of relocating from Canada to Croatia and successfully establishing a business here as founder of Katić Kiorpratktika i Akunpunktura in Split.

Both drew parallel connections between good mental and physical health as key to having a long-term successful career. Their advice? Remain open, be innovative and use creativity when approaching business. That, and hard work are necessary to maintain throughout professional and life journeys.

During group discussions, the emphasis was on the importance of persevering while pursuing one’s passion.

Fig Split, a restaurant in the Diocletian Palace, provided an intimate setting for the event. The event really yielded an inviting and motivating atmosphere while excitedly socializing – forming hopeful new community bonds and valuable friendships.

Connections with other local business owners were offered through a thank-you gift filled with generous incentives from all sponsors.

Harmonizing freelancers with Split’s business community

Until now, both foreign and local freelancers in Split connected through word-of-mouth, through Facebook postings or through informal networking gatherings. However, Croatia is a society that is open to freelancers and understands their added value to the overall business community.

You can get information about freelancing in Croatia here, on the Expat in Croatia platform.

Further, the recent efforts of Evolve International and the Freelance Business Community produced positive results at their first Split event this October, launching a movement to bring freelancers more predominantly into Split’s communal ecosystem.

To better reach Split’s growing international community, the events are held in English.

More information about future networking details will be available on both organizations’ websites alongside Facebook. Events bringing foreign and local freelancers together with Split-based entrepreneurs-business owners are planned monthly and admission is free.

J'Nai Emery
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J’Nai Emery is a passionate freelance copywriter who embodies writing as an art
form. The past ten years have led this travel addict all around the world, both living
and working internationally. Formerly a University Lecturer, she now enjoys the
creative world of IT/Digital Marketing alongside the freedom it offers in working
remotely. J’Nai is a well-cultured European-adopted American currently based in
beautiful Split, Croatia.

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