HighTechXL goes Deep Tech: Join our CERN teams at Casting Day on Friday, 18 January

HighTechXL is calling all physicists, precision agriculture and soil experts, CTOs, semiconductor experts, business developers and seasoned entrepreneurs ready to plunge into Deep Tech.

Our CERN startup teams are now past the team and technology assessment stages and are ready to take crucial steps on the way to the marketplace.

Develop IP, earn equity, join a tech advisory board, research microchip cooling technology with tech giants ASML and NTS Group. Help us build fast-growing companies using revolutionary CERN technology.

If you want 2019 to be your breakout year, send your CV to [email protected] by Jan. 10 and join us for Casting Day on Friday, Jan. 18. You know you want to.

Our teams need very specific talent, and you might be exactly the person we’re looking for. To that end, HighTechXL has shifted its focus. HighTechXL has a new directive: “Why should we work on the easy stuff when we can work on complicated problems that matter?”

Those include problems related to aging populations, growing populations and energy.

“Deep tech is a completely different approach,” says Guus Frericks, HighTechXL CEO and co-founder. “We’re going to take breakthrough technology, then we’re going to look for big problems in the world and see how we can address those problems by creating really disruptive companies.”

What’s in it for you? This could be your chance to join a CERN-backed startup that could become Europe’s next deep-tech Unicorn.

In January 2018, we met with CERN officials in Switzerland and got a glimpse of the revolutionary technologies CERN has developed. Together, CERN, Dutch partner Nikhef and HighTechXL took up the challenge to select promising technologies on which to build fast-growing companies.

What would you do with:

• Accurate temperature control using the evaporation process of Co2?
• Long-distance structured laser beam?
• Compact high-frequency particle accelerator?

All these are indeed, barrier-breaking technologies … but now what? Well, come to our casting day and if you have the qualifications and passions, you join a startup with the potential to become a Deep Tech Unicorn.

Here are our teams so far:

• Dynaxion Security uses CERN proton accelerator technology for more detailed scans than X-rays, with applications in detecting prohibited and dangerous materials in packages, luggage at airports and freight passing through shipping ports.

• Dynaxion Agro uses CERN small linear accelerator to analyze soil for the most efficient and productive agriculture methods.

• Microspot Communications use CERN’s laser technology to create next-generation communications connections.

• Microspot Metrology uses CERN’s laser technology for more efficient alignment of equipment used in photolithography in the semiconductor industry.

• InCooling uses CERN’s CO2 technology to cool computer processors, saving energy and increasing efficiency.

Casting Day begins at 9:15 a.m on 18 January at HighTechXL’s headquarters in Building 27 on High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Here’s the visitor’s map of the campus.

Building 27 is one of the three buildings that make up HighTech Plaza, the Netherlands’ largest startup hub. Which is where you’ll be working with our CERN teams. So there’s another reason to join us 18 January.



Based in Geneva and funded by 22 member nations, CERN administers a number of research centers and projects, including two linear accelerators and several colliders, the best-known of which is the Large Hadron Collider. But it’s in the medical technology domain that physics research, including the work done at CERN, has had a major impact, with magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography and other technologies.

In 2012, CERN adopted CERN Easy Access, a technology transfer initiative to make it easier for businesses and entrepreneurs to access intellectual property generated by its researchers.


The National Institute for Subatomic Physics, or Nikhef, is based in Amsterdam. Nikhef is the Dutch organization that carries out research into the elementary building blocks of our universe, their mutual forces and the structure of space and time. Nikhef partners with CERN on the Nikhef-CERN Business Incubation Center.


HighTechXL is the Netherlands’ premier high-tech accelerator, focusing mostly on high-tech hardware since its inception in 2014. HighTechXL is an initiative of the Eindhoven Startup Alliance with ASML, Philips, NTS group, High Tech Campus Eindhoven, ABN AMRO Bank, Brabantse Ontwikkelings Maatschappij (BOM), EY  and HVG as its members.

About ASML:

ASLM, based in Eindhoven, makes the machines that make the semiconductor – and the digital age – work. ASML is the main supplier of machines the semiconductor industry uses photolithography to print microcircuitry onto microchips.

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