High Tech MBA: Reinventing business education for the high-tech sector


Eindhoven is taking a big step in next-gen business education.

Three major players in the Brabant tech ecosystem are coming together to create a new master of business administration program.

High Tech MBA integrates a proven MBA program at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) with HighTechXL’s accelerator program. The program will launch in September 2018 on the campus of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, the fabled “smartest square kilometer in the world.”

HTC is the third partner in the program.

HTC is home to more than 165 high-tech companies including Philips Lighting and other research efforts. Other companies at the campus include photonics giants NXP and ASML as well as operations for many international tech companies such as Shimano.

“We’ve got 165 companies working on the technologies of the future on one square kilometer,” said Guus Frericks, HighTechXL founder and CEO. “It’s an opportunity to benefit not only from a classical MBA attuned to tech. But if you are a true innovator, you love science, you love technology and you love entrepreneurship.

“This is the place to be.”

The announcement was made today as part of HighTechXL’s XL Day event at the Klokgebouw events space in Eindhoven. During XL Day, seven startups and four corporate intrapreneur teams pitched at the end of the 3-month high tech accelerator.

(We’ll do a follow up post about XL Day itself.)

For the past 50 years, MBA programs were too focused on preparing students for careers in finance, said MSM Dean Wim Naudé. “I think we need to reinvent the MBA degree.”

The Eindhoven High Tech MBA is a full-time, one year, fully accredited masters of business administration program designed specifically for high-potential engineering and technology talent.

This program uniquely teaches students how to apply the core elements of business management to a high-tech context, while at the same time developing the skills and the mindset necessary to build a real business around cutting edge technology.

We’ll have a more in-depth post as we get more details.

About Maastricht School of Management:

MSM is a sustainable international business school with a worldwide presence. MSM teaches and researches how society can optimally deal with technology and innovation in the workplace in order to create productive, competitive and successful organizations, led by visionary managers and entrepreneurs, contributing to sustainable development. MSM ranks in the top 2 percent of business schools that have received the coveted AMBA accreditation.

About HighTechXL:

HighTechXL has accelerated more than 300 high-tech corporate and startup teams. Following a structured methodology, its mentors and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence have enabled teams to identify, test and build new business opportunities around cutting-edge technology and helped instill an entrepreneurial mindset in its participants. From 10 teams in 2013, it has accelerated 200 teams in 2017 for clients including ASML, DSM, EY, OCÉ and Philips.

About High Tech Campus:

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven is one of the densest collections of ultra-high tech and engineering talent globally. There are more than 11,000 highly skilled people working at more than 165 companies, who together generate over 40 percent of all Dutch patents. Five of the top 11 innovative companies in the Netherlands are based on the HTCE, and some of the biggest global high-tech companies such as ASML.

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