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Gerrie Royackers, Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende, is Eindhoven’s ‘Expat Expert’ in real estate

This outstanding Dutch farmhouse is one of 23 houses Gerrie Royackers has available for rent in the Eindhoven region. See gallery and video below for more information on this property.

It’s one of the most important steps in making your move to the Netherlands successful. It’s also one of the hardest: finding an expert in expat real estate.


Gerrie Royackers works with expats to find homes to lease. Gerrie works for Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij in Leende but works with expats throughout the Eindhoven region.

Gerrie Royackers from Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende is here to help. With 18 years of experience as a real estate agent and a deep knowledge of the housing market and the Eindhoven area, Gerrie helps many expats find their perfect house.

Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende is a relatively small real estate agency located in the small town of Leende, just south of Eindhoven. They operate in the entire Eindhoven area, but are also willing to look beyond their own area to find a house that’s the perfect match for their clients.

As the ‘expat expert’ of the company, Gerrie’s goal is to help expats find their perfect ‘second home’ and help make their move to the Netherlands as easy as possible.

Gerrie’s personal approach is key to achieving this goal. It’s what sets Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende and Gerrie apart.

She’ll pick you up and drive you around the area to visit several houses that meet your criteria and show you the neighborhood. If other expats live in the same area, she’ll make sure you meet them. That way you not only get to know the properties, but the neighborhoods and people as well.

“I love to work with people and find all these different cultures very interesting. Every expat has their own story. It is very nice to be able to find a good second home for them here in the Netherlands,” says Gerrie.

“My clients can always call me with questions, no matter what it is about. If they are looking for a certain store, a hospital or a babysitter, for example, I can help them with that as well.”

Over the years, Gerrie has worked with people from all around the world and has learned how to deal with cultural differences and what people from different backgrounds are looking for in their search for the perfect house.

Gerrie’s personal expertise lays with renting, but Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij’s, Leende portfolio also includes properties for sale. Both renting and buying have their advantages and disadvantages, but Gerrie has noticed a trend of more expats buying houses.

Many expats, even those who are only planning to stay in the Netherlands for a few years, think it’s a good investment. Eindhoven and the surrounding towns are especially popular. Many large multinational companies are located in the city. It also helps Eindhoven in general is more affordable than the capital of Amsterdam.

It is expected that 30,000 new expats will make the move to the Eindhoven area in the next five years.

Some of them move here to work with one of the large companies based in Eindhoven, such as Philips, while others make the move on their own. Both groups of expats can contact Gerrie in their search for a new home.

She’ll help you every step of the way and guide you through the Dutch real estate market and the place you’ll soon call home.

Gerrie: “For me the best thing is to find the perfect match between my clients and houses in the area.”

Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende is a real estate agency based in Leende, Netherlands with a diverse portfolio of homes for rent. Gerrie Royackers is the “expat expert” and works closely with expats in the Eindhoven region to place them in their perfect home. Best Intermediair Vastgoed Makelaardij, Leende also lists homes for sale if there is a permanent move to the area. She is a matchmaker, making certain expats find the perfect home in an ideal neighborhood suited just for them. Gerrie helps make the move to the Netherlands as easy as possible. Email: [email protected]. Phone: +31 6 22 23 08 96.

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