Saturday: Hot startups to open kimonos at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

(Editor’s note: This post was adapted from a High Tech Campus Eindhoven news release.)

We – and all the other digital media – like to write about about startups. A lot, because it’s the freakin’ coolest culture going.

Saturday, you can see entrepreneurs in the wild … meet the people creating the future and hear how the start-up industry here in Eindhoven responds to modern life challenges.

On Saturday, 20 May, some of the most promising Dutch start-ups will open their kimonos to visitors at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

The event – High Tech Discovery Route – will introduce visitors to a broad range of innovative technologies ranging from the latest 3D printers to medical technology and advanced autonomous mobility.

Be warned: This is gee-whiz, ready-to-go-to-market high tech hardware, not yet another app or vaporwear.

And you can hang out with the cool kids who power the startup scene here in Europe’s most advanced ultra-high-tech hub. Ask them about their concepts. Talk about their personal journeys. Really find out what it’s like to roll the dice.

You know … have a peek into what makes entrepreneurs tick.

High Tech Discovery Route is scheduled for 11:00 to 17:00 in the HighTechXL Plaza (Building 12 on the campus), which houses startups that have graduated from the HighTechXL accelerator.  (High Tech Discovery Route is part of Dutch Technology Week, during which the Dutch dazzle the world with their advanced technology … just as they have for the last 400 years.)

Visitors will be introduced to the broad range of innovative technologies ranging from 3D printer to medical technology and mobility facilities.

The start-ups in this great old Philips building have a common goal to share technologies with the audience that will improve and make comfortable lives of many – starting with premature babies, including doctors, patients and ending with those commuters who want to take mobility into the 21st century.

Participant companies are: USONO, Bambi Medical, byFlow and Amber

Each participating company during the day will demonstrate following:

Bambi Medical – The Bambi team will show how pain and stress can be eliminated in premature babies with the help of its device the Bambi-Belt. Skin friendly Bambi-Belt replaces sticky electrodes used nowadays for monitoring in hospitals. Next to reducing pain and stress wireless Bambi-Belt will facilitate Kangaroo Mother Care and increase bonding of the baby with parents.

USONO: USONO aims to ease, improve and innovate the way that ultrasound is used. The first main product, the ProbeFix, is used to continuously monitor the heart in cardiology departments and intensive care units. USONO is making big strides in developing innovative ultrasound applications and products, including their ProbeFix S. ProbeFix S is designed to be used in motion, enabling dynamic monitoring of muscles for use in sports and training.

In collaboration with thePhilips Lumify, you’ll be able to actually see a muscle in motion.

byFlow: Got a love for chocolate and/or other sweets? The people behind byFlow certainly do. That’s why they created a 3D printer that can create awesome, custom-made shapes out of food. by-Flow makes your meal not only tasty, but also beautiful, which is an important part of food experience.

Convinced? Go by their stand and see 3D printed Nutella.

Amber – Visitors will get the chance to take a ride in the BMW i3s currently used in the Amber Mobility platform. Starting now, companies on the High Tech Campus can sign up for employees to use the autonomous BMW i3s for on-campus trips. (It’s a big campus!) Amber offers its users the freedom of owning a car without the cost and hassle.

For more information about High Tech Discovery Route, email Victor at: [email protected]

Or call +31(0)625066457

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