Curated careers: Eindhoven’s most advanced tech startups have multiple openings for highly skilled internationals

Successful startups are key to Eindhoven’s continued dominance as a global tech hub

(Editor’s note: This curation of career opportunities at Eindhoven’s tech startups and venture builder is part of our Tech Tuesday series that also includes the Eindhoven Business Briefing.)

Though the Netherlands hasn’t done a stellar job of taming the pandemic, the Dutch economy has never faltered. And that’s especially true here in Eindhoven, where the tech industry depends on a huge number of highly skilled internationals. Today, we’re looking at career opportunities at some of the Netherlands most promising startups, including HighTechXL alumni, key to the continued dominance of Eindhoven as a global tech hub.

In addition to advanced tech, management, engineering or physics skills, all these jobs require English fluency. Eindhoven has one of the largest expat populations in the Netherlands including its own section of the city, Meerhoven.

All these venture builders and startups are located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, which has the Netherlands’ largest startup complex.

HighTechXL is searching for a Technology Officer, Netherlands

This is one of the most influential positions in Eindhoven’s startup scene. Venture builder/accelerator HighTechXL is the prime mover in Eindhoven’s startup ecosystem, having produced a number of successful companies since 2015 including robotics pioneer Accerion, Amber Mobility, recycled plastics innovator Sustonable and Bambi Medical.

In 2018, HighTechXL made a dramatic pivot to deeptech in partnership with the Eindhoven Startup Alliance, with technology from CERN, the European Space Agency, Philips and several advanced independent research labs including TNO.

Now, they’re looking for a Technology Officer Netherlands. This is a crucial position, because the technology officer works with the tech scouting team, who liaise with the most advanced labs in Europe assessing new tech HighTechXL then turns into startups.

Candidates should have:

• a deep technical background and experience in, for instance, machine building, high-tech equipment development, photonics, medical device development or other disciplines

• a significant, far-reaching professional network

• experience in building partnerships and organizing projects

• interest in coaching and supporting startups already in the early stages of technology development with technical expertise, networking and mentoring.

With two other members of the tech team, you are responsible for tech scouting, including assessing which technologies are innovative enough to build teams around and will go into the FasTrackathon.

You are the interface with the knowledge and tech institutes, and you enjoy coaching and supporting startups on technical deliverables as they advance through the nine-month venture building program.

You can send your CV and motivation letter to Esther Peeks: [email protected]

Openings Eindhoven-based startups


As 5G becomes the standard in wireless communications, new technologies are emerging to connect all the complex network components. Aircision is developing the next-generation free space optics (FSO) systems for use in backhaul within new telecom and enterprise networks. Partners include Eindhoven Startup Alliance (which includes ASML and Philips), multinational telecom system integrators, global research institutes, universities and innovative manufacturers.

Aircision has several openings:

• Optics Engineer: Responsibilities include developing and testing a free-space optics laser-based system. This job requires previous optical system development and work in optics simulation and Python. You can see all the details here.

• Network Software Engineer: In that position, you’ll develop a network management system and work with functional architects to assess and identify low-level requirements and design. You can see more details and requirements here.

• Embedded Software Engineer: Honestly, we can’t translate the jargon in the job requirement, but you will need experience working in hardware description language (Verilog or VHDL). You can see all the job requirements here.

• Electronics Engineer: You’ll be responsible for designing analog circuits for free-space optical communication systems, developing prototype mixed signal PCBs for platform development and product development in hardware design, prototyping and preparation for production. You can see all the details here.

• Applied Physics Internship (paid): If you’re a master’s student, this is your chance to help Aircision perfect its free-space optics system, fluff up your academic and career credentials and get paid to do it. You can see all the details here.

Amber Mobility

Amber is an alumnus of HighTechXL and has raised several million euros as they’ve expanded their network of on-demand electric BMW i3 cars in the Netherlands. Amber is, of course, a tech play and they need a mobile app developer.

If you have iOS and Android experience as well as a year of experience working in Flutter, Google’s developer toolbox, this could be your gig. Just send them an application that includes your details, experience and motivation to: [email protected]


Carbyon is a carbon-capture startup, using thin film technology developed at TNO to achieve the lowest carbon-capture costs in the industry.

Openings include:

• Medior/Senior Chemist: Sorption & Kinetics. The ideal candidate is a chemist with affinity for and experience in the field of sorption/catalysis with a strong working knowledge of reaction kinetics and surface-/interface-chemistry. You can see all the details here.

• Medior/Senior Physicist: Flow, Heat & CFD. Carbyon is looking for a physicist with affinity for and experience in the field of transport phenomena (advection, diffusion, etc.) and thermal design and analysis; how to use convection, conductivity and radiation to effectively heat and cool parts of our system are typical challenges that put a smile on your face. You can see all the details and requirements here.

FruitPunch AI

FruitPunch AI is multi-dimensional impact startup at venture builder/early stage fund LUMO Labs that is applying artificial intelligence to global problems including healthcare, agricultural and wildlife management. As a new addition to the LUMO Labs cohort, it’s also a talent forge, providing the skills that can make all these things real.

They need a UX/UI designer who can:

• design a clean and inviting user interface that connects with the FruitPunchAI community.

• create templates and visuals for consistent messaging via online media, content and visuals.

• design the gamification of community member interaction and learning.

FruitPunch AI also needs a growth hacker who can aggregate all the startup’s activities, then spread the word and expand the global community.

For more details about the jobs or to submit your CV, email Buster Franken: [email protected]


Incooling uses CERN-inspired technology to design next-generation phase change cooling systems for CPUs and GPUs. The team collaborates with GIGABYTE, ASML and other global tech companies as they perfect their technology.

They have several openings including:

Overclocking Computer Specialist
HVAC/Cooling Systems Expert
Thermal & Flow Engineer
Engineering Intern
Control Engineer Intern

You can see all the details here, and apply.


Serendipity, based in Eindhoven. helps create sustainable, resilient and livable cities through innovation, technology and progress management. They need a Junior Progress Manager.

This position includes:

• planning projects for implementation, translating goals & objectives into smaller feasible milestones/work packages and creating a roadmap based on quarterly planning.

• managing relationships between customers, different project leaders & stakeholders.

• manage project planning, proactive budget and resource control and risk management.

• anticipating new business opportunities and proactively engaging in business development process.

The job is 70 percent tactical, 20 percent operation and 10 percent strategic, according to Serendipity documents.

Requirements include:

• bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration, project management, engineering or related field.

• proven project management skills in the field of technology and innovation (experience steering multiple projects involving major changes to business and preparation of staff and/or stakeholders for the changes).

• Sufficient technical knowledge and ability to quickly learn new technologies.

• Proven ability to absorb and handle complex information in a very structured way, then to independently make business plans and drive across functional teams via influence.
· Proven presentation skills to deliver technical training to stakeholders.

Apply now by sending your CV and cover letter to Jonas Onland, Serendipity’s managing partner:
[email protected].

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