Chal-Tech needs a data scientist/analyst in Berlin

• Up-and-coming Berlin-based online electronics retailer Chal-Tech Corporation is looking for a data scientist/analyst. This is for expats fluent in both English and German, by the way.

From the job posting:

What you will do:

You will analyze the behavior of our customers and develop appropriate recommendations for different marketing channels
You will answer ad hoc data inquiries efficiently in order to support decision-making processes
You will design and implement new dashboards and reports using Tableau or Power BI
You will perform data analysis using a variety of tools such as Excel, R, Tableau, etc.
You will present your insights and recommendations to senior management and other stakeholders

You can see all the details and requirements here.

The Chal-Tec Corporation sells consumer electronics, event technology and musical instruments. Chal-Tech has more than 300 employees in Germany and in Asia.

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