Casting Day is 31 October: Your chance to join a HighTechXL deep-tech venture

It’s back … Casting Day is 31 October, your chance to join a HighTechXL deep-tech venture.

Incredibly promising startup teams typically form at universities … and quickly break up because changing the world is a bit*h. The authentic startup life is not for everyone. Not for the timid. Not for the laidback tech tourist looking for a party and certainly not for the unfocused and disorganized.

With Casting Days, we’re recruiting dedicated and disciplined people for our startup teams, then turning them loose to transform some of the world’s most advanced deep-tech innovations into businesses.

If you’re serious about changing the world, we want to talk to you at the next Casting Day. HighTechXL, the Netherlands’ only deep-tech venture-building program, is searching for entrepreneurs who wish to join deep-tech ventures as co-founders.

The good news: You don’t have to be a techie, researcher or scientist to play. We have a variety of founder roles as well as paid and volunteer positions both with HighTechXL and with our startups.

We’ve sourced transformative technology from research institutions across Europe. Now we need to augment teams taking transformative tech to market from the R&D labs at CERN, TNO and Philips.

These are the positions available:

Deep-tech venture cofounders (minimum of 4 days per week)

HighTechXL supports founders brave enough to take new technologies and build teams around them on the way to getting initial funding. As with most startups, co-founder positions are not paid initially.

Ideally, the team works together on the business model and receives subsidies or investment funds to then pay team members a small amount. What co-founders get in return is a place on a potentially fast-growing deep-tech venture with support from HighTechXL and the Eindhoven Startup Alliance so they can begin to change the world for the better.

Current teams are accepting co-founders to join their ventures and work to take the technology to market. Come to Casting Day to meet the teams, learn about the technologies and get the inside scoop on how the venture building program works.

Volunteers Positions: (min. 2 days per week)


Carbyon is developing TNO technology that extracts CO2 from the atmopshere, which will be used for Green fuels. They are looking for people with a mechatronics background as well as people with backgrounds in chemistry.


Inphocal uses CERN laser technology as an add-on for companies using laser marking. Inphocal has two volunteer positions:

• Operations Manager, who will structure various roles at their startup; who will implement strategic plans and who will monitor production and other efforts.

• Financial adviser (1 day per week) to assist with financial planning.

Both positions are – for the moment – unpaid, and if the operations person has a finance background, he/she can handle both finance and operations.

Paid positions


• Office Manager (full-time: HighTechXL has an immediate opening for a full-time, task-oriented, resourceful Office Manager who will also support the CEO and co-founder.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who can work independently, has strong interpersonal skills, is detail-oriented, motivated and can anticipate potential problems before they arise. This position will require you to be a multitasker and confident with basic compute skills.

If you have strong interpersonal skills and are able to anticipate needs, this could be the perfect job for you!


Dynaxion uses CERN’s mini-particle accelerator technology to detect illicit materials in parcels and mail. They use a new type of small particle accelerator to inspect parcels and luggage.

• Chief Operating Officer (full-time): The COO will oversee multiple efforts, including building a consortium of international partners and suppliers to managing the effort to institute purchasing, logistics and other systems.

• Data/Experimental Scientist (full-time): Candidates will have experience with data analysis and running computer simulations necessary
to develop the optimal geometry of its technology. This position will also be part of the team designing and validating Dynaxion’s MVP.

• Marketing and Office Manager (part-time): The marketing and office manager will create and maintain the marketing plan for our
company, including background research on competition, new technologies, business models, customer target groups, etc. He or she will organize down-stream marketing, update the website and perform other marketing duties.

See all the jobs here.

Casting Day is 31 October from 15.00-17.00 at HighTechXL office in Building 27 on High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Sign up for casting day here. (You can post your CVs on the application form.)

See more here about HighTechXL.

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