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Ayesha Hamra in the UAE: New report finds Dubai monthly rents start at 3,250 euros

(Editor’s note: Though we’re still expanding in Europe, Dispatches’ strategy is global, with future operations in the Middle East and Asia. This posts looks at rents in Dubai, one of the most exciting cities in the world, with career opportunities for expats.)

As more and more expats eye Dubai for their big move, the question of how much to budget for housing becomes a more and more relevant question.

A recent report has revealed that rents in Dubai start at AED (dirham) 14,000 (3,250 euros) per month for a studio apartment.

According to the report from Asteco, a leading real estate company in the United Arab Emirates, the second quarter of 2021 saw the completion of about 6,650 new apartments, 1,500 villas and more than 1 million square feet of office space.

International City recorded the most affordable rents; mid-to-high end apartments start at AED 27,500 (6,400 euros) per month at Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Luxury studio apartments begin at AED 32,500 (7,560 euros) in Downtown Dubai near the Burj Khalifa; rents begin at AED 50,000 (11,640 euros) on the Palm Jumeirah.

Sorted by apartment type, the areas with the most affordable rents are as follows:


  • Dh14,000 (3,250 euros) in International City
  • Dh15,000 (3,500 euros) in Deira
  • Dh17,500 (4,000 euros) in Dubai Sports City
  • Dh17,500 (4,070 euros) in Discovery Gardens
  • Dh20,000 (4,650 euros) in Jumeirah Village


  • Dh20,000 in (4,650 euros) International City
  • Dh25,000 in (4,850 euros) Deira
  • Dh25,000 in (4,850 euros) Dubai Sports City
  • Dh27,500 in (6,400 euros) Discovery Gardens
  • Dh27,500 in (6,400 euros) Jumeirah Village


  • Dh35,000 in (8,140 euros) Deira
  • Dh35,000 in (8,140 euros) International City
  • Dh37,500 in (8,720 euros) Dubai Sports City
  • Dh40,000 in (9,310 euros) Jumeirah Village
  • Dh50,000 in (11,630 euros) Discovery Gardens


  • Dh50,000 in (11,630 euros) International City
  • Dh55,000 in (12,800 euros) Deira
  • Dh60,000 in (13,960 euros) Dubai Sports City
  • Dh65,000 in (15,130 euros) Jumeirah Village

The area you choose to live in will, of course, be determined by more than just how low the rents are. Distance from your workplace and accessibility to public transport – among others – may be important to you. However, this report can still at least provide a good baseline to begin budgeting for your big move.

About the author:

Ayesha J. Hamra is an Indian-Jordanian writer. Ayesha was born and raised in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and currently lives in Dubai. She loves playing football and crocheting. 

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